Whether you are an experienced runner, a returning runner, or a beginner, welcome to Chard Road Runners.
 We meet at Chard Cricket Club every Tuesday night at 7pm and have various experienced club members who are there to take the session and try to tailor the runs to suit most abilities. The run is normally around 6 to 8 miles and in the summer is partly off road. We also meet most Thursday nights at 7pm but in fewer numbers so please check on facebook to see if anyone is out. Currently we are running 3 miles and is ideally suited to returning and new runners.

 Our Tuesday runs may be unsuitable for complete beginers, (depending on fitness level), please contact us and we will try to help you start. If you would like to talk to someone before coming to run with us then contact Addie Douglas on 01460 61381, or any of the contacts listed on the 'More about the Club' page.
    Please be aware that hi-viz and a torch are recommended for club runs in the dark.

New runner contact details - It would be really helpful if new runners could send an email to ChardRoadRunners@hotmail.com , and indicate if they are happy to receive emails from the running club and run leaders.


If you are thinking of taking up running and wondering what you will need here is some of the basic stuff.

Trainers or running shoes. Get ones specifically for running they have padding in different places. Buy the ones with the most cushioning you can afford, your joints need time to get used to the experience.

Getting your gait analyzed at the beginning can prevent injuries, if the shop doesn't offer this or a similar service they won't be able to sell you the right shoes and don't be afraid to ask advice.

Feet swell when running, most people buy a size larger than they usually wear.

There is a difference between men's and women's running shoes. The cushioning is firmer in men's shoes because of the higher muscle mass.

For the ladies a good sports bra is to be recommended even if you are modestly endowed and for the guys consider twin layer shorts and vaseline on the nipples. Chaffing is best avoided if possible.

Happy running.

For more information click Here Run England and go to Running Support - Tips and Advice

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