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CRR's only event this weekend saw James Musselwhite running in the 27th Blackmore Vale Half Marathon on Sunday 3rd February.

Well the sun was shining and it was definitely cold with a lot of snow and ice challenge the runners in this road Half that see's runners heading out of Bishops Curndle into the quite country lanes, James was up for a challenge with a personal Best time his goal, Setting off from the school grounds and on the very first down hill bend the runners were faces with a patch of ice that would have been better for skating than running, James picked off some early places as the pack backed up and put his goal well on track as he was then able to quickly settle into his own pace, With the half way marker being passed James was on schedule and with the hills coming towards the end James had found himself with a group of runners all with the same goal, head down James put in a fantastic last mile and coming round the last corner before the finish line with legs burning James crossed the line in 01h 46m 47s and he had gained a new PB.  

Photograph - James and Daughter 


This weekend saw 4 Chard Road Runners set off for the social race/run starting from the village of Dunkeswell, taking on the Name of this beautiful are The Blackdown Beast is a unique run with both a 10 mile option and a 16 mile option which all four CRR's choose as the running through this area of outstanding natural beauty was too good to miss. Darren Murphy set off on his own to stay with the front runners but the three women stayed together throughout the run, the unique part of this race is the running then  calling in on two pubs as well as Smeatharp village hall for a pasty. The recent rain provided plenty of mud but held off until the women were nearly back. All were finisher but times are not recorded as time in the Pub's and the Village hall kept time varied. 

Photo left to right. Darren Murphy, Addie Douglass, Helen Baxter and Lizzie Smith.  

 Thank you to all involved in 2018's Running Club Christmas Dinner.

In no particular order this years awards went to, Liam Whyte for most improved, Mike Egan:- Mens trophy and Mens Championship, Lizie Smith:- Ladies Trophy, Richard Clifton:- Clubman, Wayne Loverage:- Outstanding Achievement, Helen Baxter:- Ladies Championship and the Blackhand.

Outstanding Achievement. Wayne.


Mens award Mike


Mens Championship, Mike


Ladies Award, Lizzie.


 Clubman Richard


Most Improved, Liam.




Ladies Championship, Helen



Chard RR's were spread across a few events on Bank Holiday Sunday 2 races being a 10k Road  Race and a 10k off-road trail race and 1 being a less formal trail race to Run as far as you can within 12 hours

First off the mark were Mick and Vicky Whitworth who traveled down to Budleigh for the Jurassic Coast 10k, this route takes runners along the scenic coastal paths, Mick and Vicky started the race together picking up pace as the race progressed into the countryside, with the heat of the day taking its toll the going got a lot harder, Mick started to pull ahead and with a final push crossed the line in 1h 11m 23s 230/299, Vicky kept a good pace and final sprint to cross the line in 1h 16m29s 265/299.

Next Race was the Langport Runners Battle of Sedgemoor 10k, this fast paced race heading out of Langport took runners out across the Somerset Levels, taking part were 7 CRR's, Heading off from the Huish Leisure centre first was Andrew Leeson seeking to make a good start in the near 400 pack, keeping on his heels was Kieron Chapman, as the race headed out onto the Levels Hannah Dowling was picking up early places with Nikki Long and Kenny Timson both chasing hard, Claire Gibbs was making good progress as the pack was on the return leg of the route along with Lizzie Smith, as the runners were heading into the finish it was Andrew Leeson who crossed the line first for CRR's followed as per the table below





































Photo l/r Andrew Leeson, Claire Gibbs, Nicola Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Hannah Dowling, Kieron Chapman.  Not in Photo Kenny Timson and Nikki Long.


The last event for CRR's was the East Farm Frolic which is an, off road multi-lap race where the race is all about how far the runner can cover between 1hr and 12 hours Helen Baxter was CRR's representative at this event, with a mass start runners set off around the route crossing the timing mat with each lap counted offHelen set off in the cool of the morning and kept good steady pace and as the heat of the day built it was more about trying to keep cool which Helen managed to do with the help of Marines who were on hand with sponges to raise money for charity whilst helping the runners, Helen kept her focus with 9 laps completed in 7h 25m 59s and covering over 30 miles of hilly trails.


Run Report weekending 7th May

The first trip was a more local affair with the OX Frolic, this is a 12 Hour Timed event where you run as many laps (10k/lap) and when you have had enough that's it. Helen Baxter was CRR's representative, Heading out on this offroad event Helen found the crowds of runners in fancy dress were adding great fun to the event the theme of Mexico brought out the "Day of The Dead" characters to add to this tough event, Helen was soon into a rhythm running through the wood and mass areas of wild garlic all providing the inspiration as Helen edged past her longest ever run distance and in crossing the line some 9:40:25 had ran a massive 38 miles.

The next event involved a little travel for Rachel BIrd and Stevie Potter who had travelled to Majorca to compete in the Majorca Triathlon. This standard distance Triathlon consisting a 1500m sea swim, 39km draft legal bike leg and a 9.4km run.

This very popular Triathlon attracts a very high class international field and Stevie Potter really was inspired to be competing against professional athletes that she recognised. Rachel having taken a tumble on the bike days before on a training run was hoping that the injuries sustained wouldn't hamper her too much

Setting off for the swim in the crystal clear mediterranean waters Rachel Bird had a strong leg and completed it in 20.41 with Stevie Potter only a few minutes behind in 25.06.
Next the cycle leg was a new experience for both of them as the athletes could ride in a group, rather than individually as in most UK Triathlons. They both pushed hard on the bike but kept some energy in reserve for the 9.4km run. They both dug deep as the temperature was beginning to rise. Rachel crossed the line in a total time of 2 Hours 11 mins and 14 seconds to come a fantastic 5th in her age category and 10th Lady overall. Stevie finished in 2 Hours 19 mins and 30 seconds to come 11th in her age category.

Finally, Darren Murphy was the only CRR representative in the hilly Beer Blazer at, surprisingly Beer and came in in a respectable 52 minutes and 44 seconds.


This month's handicap race was won by Ryan, well done.

Cup handover

7 Chard Road Runners headed off to take part in the London Marathon this weekend and a further runner took on the Head to Head Coastal Challenge 


Heading off from a mix of starts and through a mix of Charity and Good of Age entries CRR's


Heading off out for clear targets first was Dan Cahill who took off at pace to gain early places and avoid some of the crowded sections of the first 3 miles, Bernie Genge and Jeremy Taylor were heading off from The Green Start and had the same idea but with the merging of the Blue and Red starts just a few miles in this proved quite a challenge, Nina Wagstaff running with a championship place picked her battles with a steady start and pushed the pace as the when the way opened up a bit more allowing her more freedom, Paul Masters was also in the Green start and allowed the crowds to move on a little before pushing to his current marathon pace making good steady progress in such a massive field of runners. Addie Douglass was off from the Red Start along with Simon Hall and Matt Baker, All had a poor start to the day with a long train delay to the start which with the crowds made for some sharp thinking all settled into the best running patterns they could achieve from the packed start, Addie the better of the start and was soon moving comfortably through other runners Matt Baker was close on Addie's heels although through the crowds nothing could be seen from each other! Simon Hall set his mark to keep to a schedule of pacing and was picking his way though the field


With some very tight targets is was Dan Cahill who set the marker in wanting to race in under 3 hours, with the line in sight Dan could see his goal achieved crossing the line in 2:58:34, Bernie Genge and Jeremy Taylor were next having teamed up crossing in 3:13:25. With Nina Wagstaff pushing hard for the line to beat the clock crossed in an amazing 3:21:14, next heading for the line was Paul Masters keeping almost to plan and crossing in 3:37:42, with great commitment Addie Douglass had kept strong crossing in a time of 4:19:37, Matt Baker who has been going from strength to strength with is running this year had kept good pace for such a crowded field and crossed in 4:37:42 Simon Halls game plan following some troubled training and injury worked well and crossed the line in 4:52:07 and all round strong performance from CRR's and a Support Crew second to none


This weekend had all the action centred on 2 races, the
first was a trip down to the New Forest for the New Forest Challenge Marathon,
next was an on the doorstep 10K at Combe St Nicholas

An early start in Brokenhurst  saw CRR’s Jeremy Taylor, Roddy McLean, Stuart
McLean and Gavin Wyatt set off for the New Forest just as the sun was coming up
and hoping it was going to stay up, Lining up for this self-navigation off-road
Marathon final reviews of the route were taking place with the claxon sounding
all CRR’s set off at pace to avoid early bottlenecks along some of the flooded
tracks into the Forest, Jeremy Taylor was first to show with Roddy, Stuart and Gavin
all within the top ten, as the route headed into the now strong gusting wind
Taylor started to edge ahead, by checkpoint 2 CRR’s were now occupying 4 of the
top 6 spots, the McLean brothers were really pushing hard, with the last few
miles requiring top navigation Taylor took to the front, Crossing the line with
a last ditch push Taylor held position but shared the 1st position
in a time of 04:01:00, Next were the McLean Brothers Roddy & Stuart
crossing the line in Equal 3rd position in 04:09:00, Gavin Wyatt was
5th across the line in 04:31:00

Now was CRR’s Local run off to Combe St Nicholas where 11 Chard Road Runners Colin
& Mel Boarder, Jim (James) & Nina Wagstaff, Miranda Coleberd, Stevie
Potter, Ryan Hebron-Wheatley, Wayne Loveridge, James Musselwhite, Helen Baxter
and Emma Male were all heading for the start line, with some changeable conditions
this hilly 10k road route was always going to be a challenge but with the
blustery wind the going was hard.  From
the off Wayne Loveridge asserted his dominance by taking to the front of the
pack as runners headed up through the centre of the village and out into the
countryside, tis first mile of uphill was soon sorting the field out and with Jim
and Nina Wagstaff in hot pursuit, running down past the Football club Stevie
Potter and Ryan were starting to pick off some places, Emma Male, Colin Boarder
and James Musselwhite found the next hill into the wind a time to show their
strength heads down and taking on the earlier pace setters, with the steep
hills to come Miranda Coleberd, Helen Baxter and Mel Boarder were pushing hard
into the painful wind-driven rain, with the race coming back into the village
with a good down hill runners taking places to the line – First across the line
was CRR Wayne Loveridge in just over 36 minutes (Times not yet available) next
for CRR’s was Jim Wagstaff (Age Cat Winner) followed closely by Nina Wagstaff
(1st Lady), Stevie Potter (2nd Lady) after managing a
fine demonstration of Mud dancing near the finish line was followed seconds
later by Ryan Hebron-Wheatley, Emma Male, Colin Boarder and James Musslewhite
were the next 3 CRR’s coming in shortly followed by Helen Baxter (Age Cat
Winner) Mel Boarder and Miranda Coleberd, this was a fantastic turn-out for
this local race.


Club awards were as follows, Men's Club Champion Wayne, Ladies club Champion Helen. Most imporoved Adrian Male, Blackhand went to Andy Mear, Outstanding achievement Bernard Genge, Ladies Helen Baxter, Mens Matt Baker & Clubman Gary Wheaton. 

 Mens and Ladies championship winners 2016

With Christmas fast approaching it was Ham Hill that drew the CRR's Crew!
off to the frosty grounds of the Crewkerne Road Runners Annual
Christmas fest that is The Full Monty-Cute 10 mile Trail Race.  The
Start being on the peaks of Ham Hill this race is set up as a Hilly
challenge from start to finish.
Heading off
first for CRR's was Wayne Loveridge and Martin Holley to head off
avoiding some of the early pinch points, with the full pack of 260
runners filling the field heading off to the Ham Hill monument Gavin
Wyatt. Bernie Genge, Simon Hall and Helen Baxter were pushing through
the pack in the frosty and in some places icy conditions.
the hills that in some cases required the aid of ropes to allow runners
to get to the top in slippery conditions Wayne was heading into the top
20 runners, Martin Holly racing his 100th race in CRR's colours and his
7th Full Monty he was pushing hard in a top 30 position in these early
stages, the next battle was that between Gavin Wyatt and Bernie Genge
with both giving the conditions the respect they deserved to allow their
race to develop in the latter section of the race, with Helen Baxter
and Simon Hall being the next CRR's challenge for supremacy 
the latter part of this race taking in the huge climb back up to the
Ham Hill ramparts Wayne had made great progress to position himself in
the top 5 of the strong field, Martin Holly had moved into a strong
position and 5 minutes ahead of his previous Monty's, Gavin Wyatt
pushing hard was making great ground, with Bernie keeping his progress
through the field strong, Simon Hall had made a break in the inter CRR
battle with Helen losing some ground on the long uphill climb      
the line in sight Wayne made his final push and was now clear to
calibrate a fantastic 2nd (260) place in 01h 09m 03s, pushing hard to
the line and improving on his previous PB for the course by 7 minute
Martin Holley hit the line in a time of 01h 22m 36s 22/260.  Making his
Monty a special Gavin Wyatt went head-first to cross the line in 72/260
and in 01h 33m 49s with Bernie Genge hitting the hills to sprint
through in 01h 40m 46s 108/260, the hardest
fought of the battles was left to Helen Baxter and Simon Hall in a hard
fought chase to the line Simon pipped Helen by crossing the line in a
time of 02h 06m 02s 217/260 and Helen 02h 06m 21s 218/260.
A great race

Taunton Marathon and Half marathon are now open. To enter go to Full on Sport.

30th October 2016

Claire, Ryan and Helen set off for the 4th autumn running of the Herepath half marathon. Ryan took and maintained an early lead over the girls but took it steady so as not to agravate an injury and finish in 2
hours 20 minutes and 39 seconds. Claire and Helen ran together for the first two miles before Claire told Helen to go on, which she did with precious club championship points at stake but she wasn't able to leave Claire too far behind and was caught by mile 7. They ran the rest of the race together with Helen finishing just 11 seconds in front of Claire. A new course record was set this year of 1:28:56 by Nick Sale of Crewkerne
Running club.

Further afield and with wheels as well as legs. Wayne Loveridge dropped the swimming part of the Triathlon and competed in the Dartington Olympic distance Duathlon finisihing in 6th place in 2 hours 16 minutes
and 2 seconds. thats a 10k run a 40k cycle and a 5k run.

the weekend's racing started off with Jeremy coming 8th in the Heart of England Forest Marathon in 4 hours 37 minutes. on Saturday.

Helen Baxter and Gary Wheaton hopped over the boarder to Axminster, to take part in the minster challenge a 10ish k race. with ankle deep mud in places, conditions under foot were slippery to say the least which caused many runners problems including Gary who twisted his knee early on, which only goes to show his strength as a runner as he came in only nine places behind Helen Baxter.

Nina Wagstaff and Lee Brun took a day trip to the seaside where Nina came first in category in 1:29:20. Lee also had a first, the Burnham on Sea race being his first half marathon which he completed in 1:55:27.



This weekend's activities

Starting with a race included in the Club Championship Claire Gibbs
was pleased with her improvement in form knocking 5 minutes of her
previous time to finish Taunton 10k in 58:28 followed not long after by
Mel Boarder in 1:00:04. Close to home but over the border in Devon was
the Stockland Stampede. His first run in Chard colours Andrew Leeson
came home in 49:58 in a respectable 16th place. Helen Baxter crossed the
line in 1:09:30.
Also in Devon was the Barnstable Marathon. Matt Baker completed his
first marathon in 4 hours 59 minutes ans 4 seconds, Jeremy Taylor
crossed the line in 3 hours and 36 minutes citing tired legs. Furthest
afield and furthest race distance was the Cotswold 100. Richard Clifton,
Bernard Genge, Andy Mear and Paul Masters set off to run 102 miles with
12,100 ft of up. Andy, suffering at 47.5 miles made the hard but brave
descion to pull out. Bernie, Paul and Richard all going on to finish.
Photos Mel Boarder and Claire Gibbs at Taunton 10k.
Andy Leeson and Helen Baxter at Stockland Scamper.
Jeremy Taylor and finisher's medal at Barnstble marathon.

Here is the Cotswold Way Century in the words of two of the finishers

Richard Clifton

Chuffed to bits with my first 100 mile race finish yesterday
at the Cotswold Way Century and couldn't have done it without the support of Paul Masters who battled
through cramp and nasty falls. Also a big well done to Bernard Genge and Andy Mear, running together
until half way when Andy had to pull out due to sickness and then Bern pushed
on hard to just beat the cutoffs.

Running from Chipping Camden to Bath Abbey the race started at midday Saturday
in nice conditions but the forecast rain finally
came in hard at 1.30am and hung around for four hours. At one checkpoint after
this I briefly got so cold that I nearly withdrew but decided that pushing on
was the best way of warming up again. After 12 hours of night running Sunday
started with sunshine and showers and I finished the race with a sunburnt face!
The rain unfortunately came after the kit change at halfway and wet socks and
feet have left me with blisters on toes and both heels, ouch!

The race was well organised and the Cotswold Way
scenery stunning but the medal shows just how hilly the route is. And even
after you get into Bath the route sends you up long steep hills!

Never say never but I think one 100 miler might
just be enough for me, though I suppose there must be easier ones out there..

Quick edit and special mention for Lee Harwood for completing the CWC for his third time and finally
doing it in sub 24 hours, awesome, really pleased for you Lee.

Paul Masters

Well Proud Moment Time :-) In my bucket list was to complete a 100 mile
race, and yes I now have a massive big tick now goes against that goal :-)
It may well have been easier to go for s slightly flatter route but I would not
have been able to take in the fantastic views that you gain at the top of every
hill, and there were plenty of them :-) A huge Thank You to Richard Clifton
for his support and patience as I suffered cramping and keeping a car from
running me over when I fell over into the road with cramp lol. An absolutely
classic run and getting all 103 miles onto the Garmin a bonus.

Now sitting down and reflecting on the Never again statement!!! Sore Legs, Feet
and Wrist it has to be worth it :-) Running for 4+ hours in torrential rain in
the dark!! May need some convincing.

Yes One Very Very Happy and Proud Runner

Eight Chard Road Runners headed off to Shepton Beachamp for their annual 10k race this year with the promise of a slice of cake at the finish line. Full results are not available yet but here is a brief summery of our race.
Andy Mear seemed to fly round and wasn't seen again until the finish line. Matt Baker took it steady in preparation for his first Marathon next week. Helen Baxter did her usual think of chatting most of the way and followed in not after Gary Wheaton and Claire Pomeroy, next came Mel Boarder and Caroline Dismore together and lastly battling over the line with a foot injury was Simon Hall.

Branching out from running into other sports were Wayne Loveridge, Rachel Bird and Lee Brun claiming 6th, 39th and 6th places respectively in Langport Sprint Triathlon. Rachel come 1st in her category and 3rd lady overall.

Further afield, Paul Masters and Martin Holley of Chard Road Runners were accompanied by Henry Down, Lydia Mashin, Matt Sanders and Luke Simon on a fund raising event for the School in a bag Charity. The 3 Peaks Challenge, to run up Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike and Snowdon in three days. The charity provides rucksacks full of stationery and resources to poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster-affected children. Donations can be given via or the School in a bag face book page.


The Chard to Lyme Regis social run made a come back this year. A month later than it's previous August slot but this was a very good move as the Guitars on the Beach event meant that there were stalls and music for our entertainment as we relaxed after our dip in the sea. Shorter in numbers than some years but good company. Support and Cake were provided by Stevie and Mummy Clewes. Here are a couple of photos there are more in the gallery.

Stop number two at Lambert's Castle.


It's not all about speed.


The Battle of Sedgemoor 10k lived up to its name for Chard Road
Runners on Sunday, firstly battling the elements as the bank holiday
brought its usual dose of rain then the heat and humidity came into play.

Wayne Loveridge was spurred on by friend Tom Priest and came in 5
seconds latet in a time of 00:35:06 and 7th place and a new personal
best. Barely a minute later was Chard's newest member Daniel Cahil in a
time of 00:36:33

in 12th Place. Next over the line was Kenny Timson in 00:37:58 and 21st
place. The second personal best of the day went to Rachel Bird, first
Chard lady home in 00:41:28 and 53rd place. Helen Baxter came in 235th
in 00:54:34, finding 10k runs much tougher than longer distances. Claire
Gibbs also achieved a personal best with 01:01:08 and 305rd place.



 Chard road runners have branched out into other sports with three
members competing in the Bustinskin Weymouth sprint and classic triathlon.

In the classic (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run), Wayne Loveridge
finished 16/114 overall and 9th in category in 2:21:07, having a tough
time in the high winds on the bike and VERY choppy sea swim, also took a
few punches in the brawl they call the "start" of the swim! Stevie
Potter finished 62/114 overall and 4th in category in 2:52:32, didn't
get punched/fall over/do anything embarrassing.

In the sprint (half the above distances), Rachel Bird finished 1st in
category and 13/63 overall in 1:27:21.

Paul and Helen headed down to Poole on Saturday for the Bad Cow marathon.
    Paul started quickly, but not too quickly and lapped Helen twice to
finish 8th in 3:32:05. Helen completed her goal of having fun as she ran
with a friend from Maidstone James Lampert who was dressed as a cow
finishing in 5:15:01.

After a hard race on the Saturday WSR ddecided to turn the course round
so now travelling anti clockwise for the 8 laps, this introduced a few
nice hillier sections for tired legs, Paul made good progress in the
early stages but with the temperature rising and wind turning the latter
laps started to take their toll, Paul dug deep on the news that he had
picked off a few more runners heading in to the finish Paul was shocked
to have crossed the line in 4th place and 1st in age group for the
second day running.

Representing Mud Crew was Maria Wadey, still fatiuged from competeing in
an ultra marathon the previous weekend who finished in 5:20:34.


We have had members competing in the Harris Half marathon, the West Country ultra hilly 50, the Charmouth Challenge not to mention our own 10k at Forde Abbey.

Sweepers helping the last runner through the river. Well done Carole a former Chard Road Runner.


We've been a busy lot recently. There is no team photo for Swansea half marathon but Adrian achieved a PB.

Here is more of what has been going on.

Torbay Half Marathon

The new team game seems to be where's Matt? He was there honestly


Lyme Regis Poppy Run.

Mick was the only representative at Lyme Regis and looks in great form in the photos.


 Tin Tin Ten.

The inclusion into the club championship may have had something to do with the good turn out, Matt evaded the team photo again but added another PB to his collection despite it being a really warm evening. Some of the group decided to cool things down by having a water fight during the race. Others just played it cool by saying the race went okay when asked. I'd call second overall better than okay. Well done Wayne.


 Martock 10k runners.

Miranda's reveiw of the Piddle Wood Plod.

Great run at Piddle wood plod 10k. Well organised race in beautiful surroundings, up, up and UP(!) through the woods! Luckily there were some funny signs and a brilliant band playing in the woods to take your mind off the steep climbs. All finishers got a bottle of cider, water bottle and a handmade medal by the school children. Also a bbq afterwards and a delicious cake stall. Definitely up there with some of my favourite 10k's, will be sure to put this in the calendar for next year!    

    With wet weather forecast for the weekend CRR’s were all heading for the start line with harsh kit choices to be made

 Starting the weekend was the West Country Ultra this race was a mix of distances 100 mile or 50 mile, Starting from Taunton Runners headed off along the Canal Path to Bridgewater before heading off towards the North Somerset Coast at Steart Point following the Parrett Trail Running for CRR’s was Bernie Genge, Andy Mear, Paul Masters and Guest Runners John Wallis and Peter Telford CRR Richard Clifton was Running the 100. With the predicted rain holding off until early afternoon it was good running conditions as CRR’s started to head towards Quantocks Head, this was when the weather did take a turn and with runners now heading into heavy rain and strong winds progress became harder.  Paul Masters started to find new rhythm in his running as the miles clocked by and with Minehead coming into view his realisation of completing the race took him forwards and crossed the line in 3rd Place in a time of 9hr 56m 58s. Next in a great show of team spirit Bernie, Andy, John and Peter crossed the line with 54 miles under their belt together. Richard Clifton who had been suffering from knee problems in the weeks leading to the race started to struggle and at approx. 53 miles had to withdraw from the race.

 The next race was The Delicious Kernow Trail, this 17 mile event heading out from Padstow and had a twist in that there was no timing and the run centres around food, Addie Douglass was CRR’s representative who had to follow a way-marked course, stopping at public houses, cafés, shops and restaurants to sample locally produced appetisers. With the route heading toward the 17 mile mark Addie dressed in fancy dress had enjoyed over a dozen different bitesize tasters ranging from puddings and pies through to wines and liqueurs and having had fun in running the 17 miles.

 Sunday and it was off to Worcester next for CRR’s Jeremy Taylor, having recently missed out on a London Marathon Qualifying time by 11 seconds Jeremy travelled up to take part in the Worcester Marathon with some trepidation. Heading out with good control Jeremy paced himself well through the early crowds, once the field had settled his pace picked up to his pre-planned goals, hitting the half marathon distance just ahead of schedule Jeremy took the decision to go for broke counting down the miles with good pace, finding a few like-minded runners helped to maintain the pace to the finish line which Jeremy crossed in a time of 3h 13m 10s well inside the 3:15:00 required to qualify and picking up 13th place/260 and 3rd in age cat.

Slightly more local was the next race The OX Marathon and Ultra Marathon at Tollards Cross Dorset. Heading off for CRR’s was Maria Wadey OX Ultra Marathon and Helen Baxter OX Marathon. With the rain over the proceeding 24 hours it was no surprise that the going was less that firm and with the addition of a few more hills this was going to be a tough race, With the Ultra heading off first Maria set off at good pace for this 34 mile race, picking off the hills and making progress through the now slippery mud this was becoming a sound performance crossing the line with great heart (Result Not available on full-on-sport at time of sending) Helen Baxter headed off with the marathon runners some hour after the Ultra Runners and was soon finding the well-trodden route slippery with going making progress up the hills more challenging than expected, teaming up with fellow runners to support each other made the run more fun and when running with one couple conversation sprung the surprise that all had attended the same school in Welling Kent such a small world.  Helen kept up with her pace and with the changeable weather making the Feed/Aid stations that bit more of a relief. After a quick dance and karaoke session with Maria Wadey they both pushed on. Maria finished the ultra in 7h 11m 56s and 2nd in age cat 68/106 and Helen crossed the line in 6h 46m 36s     

1/05/16 It's not all about times and distance, Anna Smith and her friend Claire Adams took part in the Goppin Challenge is a 12k fun obstacle course run by former and current Royal Marines to raise money for the Royal Marines Association. It was slightly damp.


1/05/16 An early start in Sturminster Newton had 9 runners at the North Dorset Village marathon.There was a very varied field, one taking on their 1st marathon.

1/05/16Three runners set off to run around Glastonbury Tor in a race organised to raise money for Avalon school. Wayne Lovridge came home in 8th place followed by husband and wife team James and Vicky Musselwhite.

31/04/16 & 1/05/16 Chard Road Runners were busy on the weekend with charity runs and marathons. Martin Holley ran two off road ultra marathons and set off with the elite wave on day one from Brokenhurst.The going was harder than expected but the sun came out for the last three miles and Martin came in 27th in 4 hours 57 minutes. Day two involved another 30mile trail run back to Brockenhurst and desite suffering from a sore ankle Martin held fir to finish 27th again with a culminatitive place and time of 21st and 10 hours 6 minutes and 34 seconds.


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