Thank you to everyone who organised, helped and took part in this year's race.

Flyer Final Results 2018.docx

Any queries, please email or see other contact details on Chard Flyer website  

Results from 2017:- Final Results 2017 Chard Flyer.xlsx

Results from 2016:  2016 Flyer Results2.xlsx    (click on file name - opens in excel in new window)

2016 Flyer Results2.pdf   (click on file name - opens pdf file in new window)

Results from 2015:

Results Chard Flyer 2015.pdf

2014 Chard Flyer results. 



Excel version of 2013 results: 

Results Chard Flyer 2013a.xlsx


Link to some photos from the 2013 event, courtesy of Yeovil Press with Christine Jones event photography


Chard Flyer Photos by Yeovil Press  (click on phrase. opens in new window)


Excel version of 2012 results: