Stoke Stampede. 26th December 2011. 10k. Flattish. Nice day for a race.
14/313            38.18        Kevin Buree        
33                   40.55        Chris Wadey
245                 60.30        Jackie Webster                    

Full Monty 10 mile trail race - 4th Dec.  Dry weather, soft but not heavy under foot                 
Posn            Time         Name                          Cat           Age Grade
1                   1:14:55     LAW, Matthew            M28          62.85%
9                   1:21:47     HARDIMAN, Dave     M46           61.83%        (2nd in category)
43                 1:31:09     HOLLEY, Martin         M44          54.65%
61                 1:33:19     MASTERS, Paul        M52          56.81%
124               1:45:00     BOULTER, Bryony    F26           49.54%
159               1:52:14     HALL, Simon              M52          47.24%
181               1:56:06     POMEROY, Claire     F46           48.91%
223               2:13:41     WEBSTER, Jackie     F49           43.62%                                237 finishers

EnduranceLife Dorset Coastal 10k - 3rd Dec
2.04.59        184th    Chan Chant

The Grim - 8 mile off road with commando challenge style obstacles and river walking - 3rd Dec
1746/1945    1.54.20    Paul Fraser

Whitehorse Challenge - 5 mile, multi terrain - 27th Nov
11/61        35.02    Nick Daniels    a pb for this distance for multi terrain. Hilly, slippery, so racing flats were not the best shoe choice.

Cornish Marathon - 20th November.  246 runners, not sure about conditions
Dave Hardiman    3.19.07 (pb)    31st, 6th in category, 3rd non local runner

Killerton Park XC 5k  19/11/11 - wet and muddy under foot
5/111    20.32    Nick Daniels.           Best finish position to date despite going the wrong way (note this is 3rd time Nick has run the course in the last two months !)

Street 5k  11th Nov
Bryony Boulter  73rd, 23.36 (pb)

Exeter Track 3k  7th Nov.  A bit windy in home straight.
10.50    10/13    Nick Daniels.   Promoted to join 'A' race, 3 seconds off pb, just ahead of Martin Lascelles

lminster 10k - 6th November - dry and sunny.  22 Chard runners, 4 pbs.  Still awaiting place positions. 302 starters - more detailed write up on the News page

0.38.39     Dave        Hardiman
0.40.48     Simon      Vincent - pb
0.41.52     Martin       Holley
0.42.51     Paul         Masters
0.44.09     Jeremy    Taylor
0.44.19     Chris        Wadey & Oscar
0.45.39     Andrew    Clancy
0.47.18     Marie        Wadey
0.48.32     Bryony     Boulter - pb
0.49.37     Stephen   Denning
0.51.09     Claire       Pomeroy
0.51.29     Paul         Fraser
0.52.19     Addie       Douglas - pb
0.52.34     Simon      Hall
0.56.38     Mick         Duplock (with Richard) - quickest for 4 years
0.56.56     Emma      Male - pb
0.57.04     Phil           Hodson
0.57.06     Helen       Gilbert
1.03.21     Laura       Collins
1.04.29     Jo             Truscott
1.10.00     Chantel    Chant
DNF          Sophie     Warren

Yarcombe Yomp - 5th November 10 miles, mainly off road, hilly, very wet underfoot - bit of a write up on the News page
13/60                1:23:49                Chris Wadey        1st in class
27/60                1:35:44                Marie Wadey        1st in class
28/60                1:35:48                Bernard Genge   
31/60                1:36:14                Bryony Boulter    2nd in class

Burnham Bospool 5k Road race  3/11/11. Dry but windy
10/44    19.24    Nick Daniels

Killerton Park XC 5k  29/10/11 - dry weather but wet and muddy under foot
12/97    20.31    Nick Daniels

Exmoor Stagger. 23rd October 2011. 15.1 miles of 'Paths, rough terrian and tracks and tough climbs'. 3627ft ascent. Quite challenging then.
107/234            2:50.17              Marie Wadey
141                   2:57.26              Bryony Boulter

Killerton Park XC 5k  22/10/11 - dry weather but wet and slippery under foot
8/74    20.26    Nick Daniels

Dartmoor Vale Marathon. 16th October 2011. Hilly on-road race. Good running conditions.
20/131            3:18.40                Beranard Genge (1st in cat yet again! Well done Bern)
28                   3:24.09 pb           Dave Hardiman (pb by 15 minutes, nice one Dave!)

Dartmoor Vale Half. as above.
304/319          2:32.51                Emma Male
305                 2:33.52                Phil Hodson.                    Well done all.

Abingdon Marathon. 16th October 2011. Fast and flat road race. Perfect running conditions.
37/777            2:55.21 pb            Richard Clifton (3 mins 37secs off old pb - phew!) 
410                 3:43.35 pb            Martin Holley (The 1st of many, lets hope, but without cramp next time. 
                                                    Well done Martin) 
731                 4:47.23                 Simon Hall (guide for Mick, despite a bad back. Well done Simon))
732                 4:47.24 pb            Mick Duplock (sub 5 hrs and nearly hit the 4.45 target. A new current pb
                                                    by 48 minutes over London 2007. What an inspiring runner)
                       4:47.24                 Nick Daniels (last minute guide for Mick, many thanks for stepping in Nick)
Many thanks to Chard supporters, Sarah Holley, Claire Pomeroy and the local Clifton clan.
                  Abingdon pre-race line-up.                      Simon, Mick and Nick with 400m to go.

Parrett Trail Relay. 15th October 2011. 6 leg mainly off-road team race.
Chard entered two mixed teams which came a very creditable 4th and 7th out of 9 mixed teams. See Crewkerne Running Club website for full details. Marie may write up a report of the day if we ask her nicely. 
    Gordy's Gangsters. Total time: 6:14.52. Simon Vincent, Claire Pomeroy, Marie Wadey, Mike Penrose, 
    Jeremy Taylor, Kev Bernard.
    Bryony's Beauties. Total time: 6:59.21. Chris Wadey, Bryony Boulter, Helen Gilbert, Hannah Dowling, 
    Richard Cave, Bernard Genge.

Cotleigh Canter. 9th October 2011.
40/59                57.01 pb            Helen Gilbert (new pb by over 4 minutes and 3rd in category!)
59                  1:09.43 pb            Chantel Chant (pb by over 2 mins on the flat Battle of Sedgemoor course)
Big improvements from the so called 'beginners', well done to you both.

Commando Challenge. 9th October 2011. Results to come...

Eden Project Marathon. 9th October 2011. Excellent running conditions but a tough hilly mixed course.
18/314               3:22.01                Bernard Genge (1st in 50+ cat. Many congratulations Bern)
115                    3:59.26                Marie Wadey (5th in cat and revenge for Sydney)
144                    4:13.09 pb           Bryony Boulter (A solid debut marathon performance. Well done Bryony)
(17                     3:21.35                Richard Boulter (Yeovil RRC. Better start looking over your shoulder now Richard!)

Newquay 10 (k). 2nd October 2011. Very, very hot and with a few hills.
110/514                43.53                Nick Daniels (Nick says he would have tried harder but thought it was 10 miles!)

Teign Valley Toddle. 2nd October 2011. 10.25 miles. Very, very hot and very, very hilly (Amanda).
45/80                1:32.44                Amanda Mooney (3rd in cat on what sounds like the toughest race of the weekend)

Burnham-on-Sea Half Marathon. 2nd October 2011. Hot, hot, hot and very flat.
4/226                1:25.29                Richard Clifton (1st in 40+ cat. First category win, v.pleased!)
 Richard with 40+ trophy and prize.  Martin @ (c 9 miles) Basingstoke.

Basingstoke Half Marathon. 2nd October 2011. Hot, hot, hot and hilly.
59/1270            1:38.41                Martin Holley (8th in 40-45 vets cat. An excellent result running in tough conditions)

Berlin Marathon. 25th September 2011. Flat road race.
1st                     2:03.38 wr           Patrick Makau (ok so he's not in the club, but we could see if he's interested!)

Taunton 10k. 25th September 2011. Pretty flat road race. Good conditions.
17/590                36.46 pb            Dave Hardiman (2nd 45+ vet and 24 secs of his old pb)
21                       37.08 pb            Richard Clifton (3rd 45+vet and 19 secs of old pb)
40                       40.48                 Nick Daniels
42                       40.53 pb            Martin Holley (1min & 22 secs of old pb - great run Martin)
A cracking set of times and positions from the Chard men. Nice one guys.
 Dave receiving his prize (£10 WHS token) for 2nd 45+ male vet.

Langport Triathlon. 18th September 2011. Wet and windy.
266/302                1:48.09                Mick Duplock (with Mark Plummer)
[Swim - 16.53, Cycle - 54.37, Run - 36.39]

Sydney Marathon. 18th September 2011. That's Sydney, Australia! Flat road race in 30c temp.
1530/3143            4:17.43                Chris Wadey
1531                     4:17.43                Marie Wadey

Sydney Family Fun Run.        
                               51.57               Louis Worth
                            1:02.07               Charlotte Wadey
                            1:02.08               Veronica Wadey
                            1:02.09               Oscar Wadey
                            1:02.09               Graham Wadey
                            1:02.16               Alex Wadey 
                                        also        Pat and David Bachelor (Chris' Aunt and Uncle)
Well done to all of the Wadey/Worth family on a very hot day. Very tough marathon conditions.
And how do you run upside down? 

Devon County Championships. 14th September 2011. 10,000m track race.
Race A. 7/23        35.28 pb            Nick Daniels (3rd SM & 2nd V35)
This was a really outstanding performance from Nick, 4 mins and 12 seconds faster than his 10k road time. His email title was '10k hell' and it sounds like he's been suffering for his effort's.

Yeovilton 5k Series. Race 6. 14th September 2011.
18/141                17.43 =pb            Richard Clifton (4nd in cat. Note to self: must try harder)
29                       18.41                   Neil Plumridge (2nd in cat)
39                       19.16 pb              Simon Vincent (Great run Simon, nearly 1 min off your last time)
88                       22.38                   Simon Hall
105                     24.27                   Kevin Clancy (5th in cat)
119                     26.26                   Mick Duplock (with Mark Plummer)
122                     26.50                   Karla Genge
123                     26.51 pb              Stephany Genge (1st ever race, well done Steph)
A big well done to Mick for being the only Chard runner to feature in the Overall Series results and finishing 3rd 60+ vet.

Fordingbridge 10 mile Yomp. 11th September 2011. Undulating road race. 
2/79                    64.24                    Dave Hardiman (Great result Dave even if a dog was included in the 79!) 

Shepton Beauchamp 10k. 11th September 2011. Tough x-country race.
Mens results.        27/44        53.08            Phil Hodson
Womens results.   6/33          53.29            Claire Pomeroy
                               9             56.04 pb       Addie Douglass (beat old pb by over 5 mins!)
                              19            1:01.21         Emma Male
                              20            1:01.21 pb    Helen Gilbert
                              28            1:09.43 pb    Jo Truscott
                              30            1:13.12 pb    Laura Collins
                              31            1:13.12 pb    Sophie Warren
Really well done to Helen, Jo, Laura and Sophie on your first race, and not the easiest of courses, and great new pb from Addie.

Bristol Half Marathon. 11th September 2011. Flat road race.
226                1:27.16                Neil Plumridge (7th in cat - great result Neil) 
579                1:33.33                Martin Holley
3082              1:52.19                Amanda Mooney
3776              1:56.22 pb           Angelina Langley (Great time Angelina - well done)
5991              2:10.00 pb           Flo Hoppie (1st Half? If so well done Flo)
6348              2:12.57 pb           Cass Fairburn (1st Half - really well done Cass)

Honeystreet Ultra 51.5K (32 miles) Wiltshire. 10th September 2011. Circular route, 10 miles flat, then hilly.
2/11                6:23.38              Bernard Genge (Bern was leading up to the last checkpoint after which he look a wrong turn, dropped to 2nd place and ended up running approx. 40 miles. Still a great result, many congratulations to you Bern).

Ash Excellent 8 Series of races. 4th September 2011.
8 mile.
9/130                    56.07             Dave Hardiman (1st in 40+ cat - nice one Dave)
71                      1:14.09             Marie Wadey
72                      1:14.10             Bernard Genge
(Rather slow times from Bern and Marie - some excuse about cycling from Chard to Crewkerne first for a swim then on to Ash to race then Bern cycled home to Chard and Marie ran a further 10 miles - believe it if you want!)

3k race.
18/20                    18.35            Charlotte Wadey
19                         25.20            Alex Wadey (Happy Birthday Alex!)
20                         25.20            Louis Worth

Fun Run.
128/131                20.11            Oscar Wadey
129                       20.21            Chris Wadey 

Killerton Park 5k. 3rd September 2011. Multi-terrain.
7/98                     19.46              Nick Daniels 

BCM Meet. Exeter. 1500m track sessions. 30th August 2011.
13/14                    5.02               Nick Daniels (= 5.23 min mile pace)

Battle of Sedgmoor 10k  (Langport). 28th Aug 2011. Pretty flat, fast 10k.  Winner's time 31.39
33/449                  37:10 pb        Dave Hardiman  (great conversion of club night speed into race result)
74                         40:43             Chris Wadey
100                       42:46             Richard Cave
124                       44:14             Nina Wagstaff 
445                    1:11:55  pb       Chantel Chant   (great time from Chantel)
446                    1:12:21             Marie Wadey     (supporting Chantel, having run from Chard to Langport prior to race)

Killerton Park 5k. 27th August 2011. Multi-terrain. Wet and muddy (again).
9/93                     19.46                Nick Daniels (off-road pb (again)). 

Killerton Park 5k. 20th August 2011. Multi-terrain.
13/109                 19.53                Nick Daniels(1st Vet 35+) 

Dalwood Fayre 10k. 17th August 2011. Very hilly 10k.
14/77                    46.57                Bernard Genge (2nd in cat)
41                         60.27                Phil Hodson (2nd in cat)
61                         67.07                Hannah Dowling
62                         67.07                Andy Sheahan

Exeter 10k. 17th August 2011. Fast and very flat on cycle tracks and tarmac.
18/215                37.27 pb            Richard Clifton
33                       39.51                 Nick Daniels (good effort Nick, only 11 secs off your 2009 pb)
201                     61.16                 Mick Duplock (with Sharron Kington, Taunton AC)

See details of this year's Lyme Run on the News Page.

Yeovilton 5k Series. Race 5. 10th August 2011.
16/156                17.43 pb             Richard Clifton (2nd in cat)
45                       19.07                  Chris Wadey (pb with buggy - last ever 5k buggy run)
59                       20.14 pb             Simon Vincent (1st ever 5k - well done Simon, showing great potential)
84                       22.22                  Paul Fraser
115                     26.35 pb             Karla Genge (Well done Karla, go for a sub 25 next month)
116                     26.35                  Bernard Genge (nice one dad!)
118                     26.48                  Mick Duplock (with Neil Plumridge)
139                     30.38 pb             Charlotte Wadey (Great effort Charlotte, 5th in cat and only 13!)
148                     32.16 pb             Caroline Day (Good effort from the reluctant runner, sub 30 next month?)

Yeovilton Junior race. Approx. 600m
8/17                    2.25                    Katherine Clifton-Day
11                       2.46                    Louis Worth
13                       3.06                    Alex Wadey     

Sturminster Half Marathon. 7th August 2011.
71/414                1:33.56                Nick Daniels
247                     1:54.31pb            Bryony Boulter (Well done on completing your first half Bryony)

Haselbury Trail Race. 7.15pm 3rd August 2011. X counrty 10k.Hard and dry underfoot and humid.
21/168                 43.44                Dave Hardiman
32                        46.08                Martin Holley
35                        46.21pb            Simon Vincent
48                        48.21                Gary Male
76                        53.03                Ben Sheahan
84                        54.04                Marie Wadey
90                        55.58                Bernard Genge
102                      57.44                Ryan Sheahan
107                      59.06                Andy Sheahan
116                      61.31pb            Addie Douglas
121                      61.56                Emma Male
122                      61.58                Phil Hodson
134                      64.12                Hannah Dowling

6k Junior Race
5/5                       37.40pb            Charlotte Wadey

6k Fun Run         
3/4                       35.41pb            Karla Genge

1 mile race
Not sure of time or position but well done to Louis Worth for taking part and completing this.

Great turnout. Well done all, especially those running in their first race today.
For Marie's version of the results please see the Beginners page! 

                    Phil, Andy, Karla, Bern, Dave, Martin, Gary, Ryan, Ben, Simon
                            Maria, Hannah, Charlotte, Emma, Addie.

Andover Triathlon. 17th July 2011. Swim 440 meters, Bike 18 miles, Run 5 miles.
76/89                    2:15.34             Mick Duplock (2nd in cat)(with Mark Plummer, bike and run)

Swanage Carnival Half Marathon. 16th July 2011. Wet and windy.
63/587                1:32.58                Nick Daniels
'I didn't make any effort until the last 5k when I remembered the chip shop was open at 11am'!

Yeovilton 5k Series. Race 4. 13th July 2011.
22/142                17.58 pb            Richard Clifton
41                       19.36                 Chris Wadey (with Oscar - 3rd anniversary 'run')
80                       22.25                 Marie Wadey
100                     24.30                 Kevin Clancey (2nd 60+ vet)
101                     24.31                 Claire Pomeroy
115                     26.21                 Mick Duplock (with Simon Hall)

Yeovilton Junior races. 13th July 2011
Years 7&8 1.2k
3rd                6.26            Charlotte Wadey (1st girl)

Years 6 and below. 600m
10/15            2.33            Alex Wadey
12                 2.37            Lewis Worth

Wellington 10 miles. 11th July 2011. Hilly road race.
12/188                1:05.01            Richard Clifton (3rd All Vets Cat)
31                       1:13.34            Martin Holley
163                     1:42.29            Mick Duplock (with Nick Daniels)
182                     1:58.07            Emma Male
183                     1:58.07            Phil Hodson
Richard, Nick, Mick, Emma, Martin and Phil before the race at Wellington.

Charmouth Challenge. 2nd July 2011. Approx 7 miles of very hilly x-country in the sun and heat. It's tough!
164/248            1:27.06                Simon Hall
182                   1:29.39                Claire Pomeroy 

Exmoor Ultra. 2nd July 2011. 40 miles of very hilly, undulating coastal path on a very warm and sunny day.
4/30 approx            9 hours and 20 minutes.        Bernard Genge  (1st 50+ Vet) 
An epic challenge and an outstanding result for Bern following months of hard training in the sun, rain and cold. Bern has regularly put in 100+ mile training weeks but even he couldn't have expected to be on his feet for over nine hours! Awesome at last seems like a fitting word.
Bern tells me that navigation was tricky and that at the half way point he was supprised to learn he was in the lead because the leading pair took a wrong turn. He then later got lost, putting him back in 7th place where he worked his way back up to 4th. His final Garmin distance was 43 miles.
Many thanks to all those who supported Bern on the day, his parents, Emma and Craig and sat nav Gordy, and during his training.

On the way to back to Porlock.     With his Mum and Dad at 27 mile checkpoint.  With Emma at Bossington.
33.5 miles Bossington.                At last......the finish. Now who's got the cider?

Boddington Marathon. 26th June 2011. Flat multi-lap road race. Sunny and 32 degrees C.
7/109                3:34.44                Bernard Genge (1st in cat)
Bern showing his class again only starting this as a training run but going on to finish in a respectable time in very testing conditions. Richard Clifton and Dave H pulled out after 10 miles along with a large number of other runners (51 non-finishers). The winners time was 3:07. The 50k (32.5 miles) race had 10 finishers and 7 non-finishers with the 1st male in 3:23 and 1st woman (3rd overall) in 3:32. 
   Bern picking up his category prize and finishing.     

Forde Abbey 10k. 23rd June 2011. Cross country and hilly. One of the best you will ever run.
21/186            45.25                    Jeremy Taylor
25                  46.09                    Chris Wadey
26                  46.25                    Martin Holley  
80                  54.43                    Marie Wadey
93                  56.15                    Simon Hall
105                58.12                    Bryony Boulter
118                59.47                    Ben Sheahan
135                62.18                    Claire Pomeroy
137                63.09                    Ryan Sheahan
138                63.10                    Andy Sheahan
153                66.33                    Emma Male 
154                66.34                    Phil Hodson              
A great turnout from the club

Martock 10k. 19th June 2011. Fairly flat road 10k.
27/137            41.32                Chris Wadey (pushing Oscar) (2nd in Father and child cat)
68                  49.52                Marie Wadey (2nd in cat)
119              1:02.09                Mick Duplock (with Anne)
Ay the Martock 10k. Marie, Chris and Oscar.            Anne and Mick.                               Chris and Oscar.

18th June 2011.
Worth mentioning here that ultra man Bern has today completed a 38+ mile training run in, fortunately, very pleasant conditions. His 37 mile training run last Saturday was marked by wind and rain for the whole 5 hours. His next race is the 40 mile Exmoor Ultra on the 2nd July and anyone able to go over and support him would be most welcome.

Tin Tin Ten. 15th June 2011. An undulating on and off road 10k.
21/120            44.41                Jeremy Taylor
22                  44.55                Martin Holley
23                  45.03                Richard Cave
72                  54.37 pb            Bryony Boulter
78                  55.21                Claire Pomeroy
100              1:00.49                Cass Fauburn
Sounds like this was a great battle between the three men with Jeremy and Martin both looking nervously over their shoulders. Nothing like a good bit of intra-club competition! Well done Bryony on you pb, all the more significant on such a hard course. It will be good to see what you can now do on a flat 10k. Martock on Sunday?
Richard, Martin, Claire Jeremy and Bryony.

10k on and off road and quite South Downs Marathon. 11th June 2011.
Recently converted marathon man Nick Daniels has been in action again.
Official results: 94/509        3:50.28
Nick writes: "Hi was in action sat 11/6/11 south downs marathon 26.2 M/T

Group B Race 4h+ Times, Started as last over line,Time Approx 3.51, ?/? proper time & placing to follow when results from chips On Website, difficult to tell position as 5hour+ group left 20 mins before and relay race 20 mins before that, then elite men/woman 20 mins behind us, did catch a lot of first wave and some relay people and held off advances of all but about dozen of elite.
All but about half mile off road, rutted lanes, forest, fields, rough gravel track all the way. Basically its Run in the Wild course over marathon distance but slightly tougher going.

6 very very big steep hills in this, I ran up all but only just, took a lot of grit to keep going up this stuff and I thought I was strong on the hills. See you Tues."  Sounds like a very decent time on such a tough course. Well done Nick.

Umborne Ug. 11th June 2011. Off-road social 10k + BBQ
19/77                 50.28                Martin Holley (nasty incident involving a cowpat)
43                      59.27                Marie Wadey (ran with doctors note - nearly expired)
44                      59.28                Simon Hall (nasty twisted ankle but still finished)
53                  1:05.04                Claire Pomeroy (reliable as ever)

Ug Fun Run.
8/17                  15.53                Louis Worth
15                     18.18                Alex Wadey       

Yeovilton 5k. Race 3 in series. 8th June 2011.
46/138               19.51                 Richard Cave (recent injury)
54                       20.16                Chris Wadey (recent illness + pushing Oscar!)
102                     25.04                Marie Wadey (recent injury and ilness)
108                     25.53                Mick Duplock (with Mark Plummer)

Dartmoor Discovery. 4th June 2011. 32 mile hilly ultra on a warm day.
8/146                4:26.52 pb            Bernard Genge (1st in 50+ category and only 9 mins off 50+ course record) Yet to hear the full details of Bern's first ultra but all of his hard training obviously paid off as he was overtaking other runners for the second half of the race. Very well done Bern.
Bern at about 13 miles on the way back onto the moor after Ashburton.

Edinburgh Marathon. 22nd May 2011. Quite nice conditions.
505/7,000+        3:14.47 pb            Jeremy Taylor
(Great pb by 13 mins. Well done Jeremy. See News page)

Crewkerne 9. 22nd May 2011. Hilly road race. Quite nice conditions.
7/107                      56.17            Richard Clifton
33                        1:03.46            Martin Holley
67                        1:16.24            Bryony Boulter
73                        1:17.24            Simon Hall
97                        1:28.45            Emma Male
98                        1:28.46            Phil Hodson
99                        1:29.54            Mick Dulpock (with Sue Bridge)

Yeovilton 5k. 2nd in series. 11th May 2011. Fast, flat road race.
21/147               18.07 pb            Richard Clifton (4 pb's in the last 5 races)
113                     26.18                 Mick Duplock (with Martin Holley)
121                     27.12                 Paul Fraser

Black Death Run. 8th May 2011. 10 miles. Quite testing I believe!
157/286            1:59.48                Bryony Boulter - flying the flag for CRR, well done Bryony.

Great Weston 5. 2nd May 2011. Undulating, multi-terrain. Warm and windy.
31/318               34.09                 Martin Holley


                           Jeremy, Nick and Bern at the Dorset Village Marathon and Martin leading the a pack at the Great Weston 5

North Dorset Village Marathon. 1st May 2011. Undulating on-road.
56/302             3:27.40 pb            Jeremy Taylor
57                   3.27.41                 Bernard Genge
93                   3.41.45 pb            Nick Daniels (1st marathon - well done Nick)
147                 3.56.08                 Marie Wadey
Waiting to hear about this one but well done all, especially with the weather being on the warm side. Simon and Claire adding support from the side lines - thanks.

Easter Bunny 10k. 25th April 2011. Flat road race.
23/349            37.13 pb            Bernard Genge
33                  38.34                 Richard Clifton
52                  40.02 pb            Tom Wallis
54                  40.21                 Neil Plumridge
56                  40.23 pb            Chris Wadey (pushing Oscar!)
89                  42.45                 Jeremy Taylor
93                  42.54                 Martin Holley
210                51.33                 Kevin Clancey
(248               55.47 pb            Darren Duplock (Mick's son - Sandhurst Joggers)
256                56.49                 Mick Duplock (with Simon Hall)
287                60.12 pb            Sarah Smith (Marie's daughter) 1st 10k (of many) Well done Sarah.
288                60.23 pw            Marie Wadey

Easter Bunny Fun Run. 1 mile.
26/41             7.58                  Alex Wadey
28                  8.00                 Charlotte Wadey

A really good turn out for the club on a pretty warm day. Some were glowing and others melted in the heat. Particularly good runs for Mick, Chris, Tom and Sarah and another off the scale pb for Bernard.   Also worth mentioning that in the mens team competition the club came 5th and 14th out of 24. Very impressive given our size.
   Plum, Martin, Jeremy, Richard and Bernard        Marie,Chris, Alex and Oscar                        Simon and Mick
     Sarah and Tom                      Simon, Marie, Sarah, Mick and Darren                        Kevin Clancey

Virgin London Marathon. 17th April 2011. Good weather for spectating, too warm for runners.
1021/34,706         2:59.38          Bernard Genge (101st in cat) (3rd sub 3hr marathon in 5 weeks!!)
1523                    3:06.59          Neil Plumridge (84th in cat)
2168                    3:14.15 pb     Rich Cave (448th in cat)
2249                    3:14.52 pb     Chris Wadey
5100                    3:38.34         Jeremy Taylor
6800                    3:48.44         Marie Wadey (204th in cat)
9229                    3:59.35         Amanda Mooney (329th in cat) (2nd sub 4hr mar in 2 weeks inc.VLM 2012 quali time)
31527                  5:57.28         Emma Male

Yet more great results with 7/8 runners under 4 hours and half under 3.15. Not everyone's race plans came off but it still takes just as much guts and detirmination to finish in 6 hours as 3. Well done everyone and thanks to all the supporters.
   Amanda, Bern, Marie, Chris, Plum & Richard                         Marie                                         Amanda                                  Richard
  Katherine and Charlotte (Fantastic supporters!)

Yeovilton 5k. 1st in series. 13th April 2011. Fast, flat road race.
40/157            19.20 pb           Martin Holley
78                  21.38 pb           Ryan Sheahan
90                  21.59 pb           Paul Fraser
105                24.27                Kevin Clancy
118                25.17                Mick Duplock (with Nick Daniels) 

Honiton Hippo. 10th April 2011. 7+ miles. Hot, v.Hilly, cargo net, wet x 3!
36/170            1:01.38               Martin Holley
89                  1:14.58               Bryony Boulter 
 Hippo action with Martin Holley.

Taunton Marathon. 3rd April 2011. 2 lap undulating road race.
6/214            2:56.17 pb            Bernard Genge (3rd in cat) Another storming run and pb by over 2 mins.
82                3:39.40 pb            Dave Hardiman (16th in cat) Well done Dave, despite injury hiccup.
112              3:49.53 pb            Amanda Mooney (1st in category) pb by over a minute and 1st in cat - fab!
185              4:22.02                Simon Hall (19th in cat) Well done Simon.

Taunton Half Marathon. 3rd April 2011. 1 lap undulating road race.
30/1232        1:22.54 pb            Richard Clifton (9th in cat) pb by a cracking 22 secs!
63                1:27.41 pb            Richard Cave (7th in cat) pb by 3 mins - well done Richard
98                1:30.53 =pb          Chris Wadey (59th in cat) Well done Chris but check your watch next time!
108              1:31.31 pb            Martin Holley (15th in cat) pb by nearly 5 mins. Puff out that chest Martin!
283              1:41.29                Marie Wadey (8th in cat) 1 min outside 2009 pb - well done Marie.
558              1:52.13 pb           Andy Sheahan (73rd in cat) pb by a stonking 7 minutes.
573              1.52.41               Claire Pomeroy (17th in cat) 4 mins off pb. 

What a great day for the club with some really outstanding performances. Well done all - and thanks to supporters.
 He's at it again!! Bern finishing the 2011 Taunton Marathon.

The 1st Yeovil Half Marathon. 27th March 2011. Generally flat but inc. Hendford Hill half way ('King of the Hill' race).
14/630                1:23.16 pb        Richard Clifton (3rd in cat)                                               [31/622        3.03    3rd in cat]
32                      1:27.58             Neil Plumridge (2nd in cat)                                              [57              3.12    2nd in cat]253                    1:48.09             Amanda Mooney (2nd in cat) (9 secs off pb - well done)     [358            4.05    6th in cat]
556                    2:18.12             Mick Duplock (5th in cat) with Sue Bridge                         [574            5.14    6th in cat]

Flowerpots 10k (really Nick?). Exeter. 27th March 2011. Flat.
8/73                    39.52              Nick Daniels

Reading Half Marathon. 20th March 2011
3828/12483         1:48.59 pb       Paul Hobbs (Well done on your first half Paul)
11764                 2:39.15            Anne Wills

Stoke Stampede 10k. Stoke St Gregory. 20th March 2011 (postponed from Boxing Day). Undulating road race.
8/219                37.51 pb            Richard Clifton
16                     39.49                Nick Daniels (missed out on pb by 9 secs)
122                   54.25 pb            Liz Wallis (pb by 2 1/2 mins - well done Liz)

Southbourne Fast and Flat 10k. 13th march 2011. Fast and flat?
122/316               49.22 pb         Paul Fraser

The Grizzly. 13th March 2011. 20 miles of mainly off-road hills, woods and bogs.
103/1675            3:13.52            Jeremy Taylor
121                    3:16.20            Kevin Buree
140                    3:18.28            Neil Plumridge
961                    4:27.47            Simon Hall
1595                  5:33.17            Emma Male
1596                  5:33.19            Phil Hodson
                Kev Buree                         Jeremy Taylor                  Simon Hall               Emma Male   and   Phil Hodson                  Hannah and Martin
Grizzly Cub. 13th March 2011. 9/10 miles ish.
21/364                1:18.35            Taryn Beuthin (3rd woman) Great run Taryn.
113                     1:37.14            Claire Pomeroy (7th in cat)

Duchy Marathon. 13th March 2011. Course profile: 'Harder than Taunton Marathon'.
8/223                   2:58.38 pb        Bernard Genge (3rd in cat) WHAT A RUN!!  A PB by 8 minutes, well done Bern.

Duchty 20. 13th March 2011.  20 mile version of the marathon.
77/226                 2:46.43             Marie Wadey (1st in cat and 9th woman) Great result Marie.

Bath Half Marathon. 6th March 2011. Nearly flat road race.
1209/10814          1:38.03 pb        Rob Hall (Fantastic run Rob. PB by 4 minutes!)

Combe St Nicholas 10k. 6th March 2011. Hilly on road.
5/70                40.52 pb           Tom Wallis
7                     41.57                Nick Daniels (1st in cat)
8                     42.28                Richard Cave (3rd in cat)
10                   42.51                Martin Holley
22                   47.56                Marie Wadey (3rd in cat)
29                   51.07                Simon Hall
40                   54.29                Paul Fraser
42                   55.13                Claire Pomeroy
44                   56.58 pb?          Liz Wallis
45                   58.01                Mick Duplock (with Richard Clifton)
48                   58.32 pb?          Emma Male

L to R top.Richard Clifton, Mick D, Martin H, Richard Cave, Marie W, Claire P, Tom W, Simon H.
Botton row L to R. Nick D, Emma Male, Liz Wallis.
Exeter track 3k heats. 28th Feb 2011.
25/16   heat B      10.49             Nick Daniels

Dalwood 3 Hill Challenge. 27th February 2011. Very hilly 10 miler. Off road, muddy and slippery.
24/138            1:25.00               Chris Wadey
38                  1:28.57                Martin Holley
70                  1:39.43                Marie Wadey (2nd in cat - well done Marie)
125                2:05.29                Emma Male
126                2.05.31                Phil 'tag along' Hodson                

Pirates Half Marathon. 21km. South Africa. 20th February 2011. Very hilly.
No results yet. Email from Mick reads "Sunday morning I ran the ”toughest half marathon in South Africa” the Pirates 21, all races are graded, 1 is flat and fast, 5 is hard and hilly, this one is 5, I think it should be 6! Three steep hills before halfway, then a massive climb to the top of North cliff hill at 14 km, the highest point in Johannesburg, and a fantastic view over the whole city. We, Beth and I finished in about 2.30, (I did it in 1995 in 2.19) not bad for the course, and again in the top half. I was shattered at the finish, not injured but just very weary. They have a “King of the mountain” prize for the first runner to the top at 14 km, he ( a white guy!) did it in 48 min, and the overall winner (a black guy!) did it in 68 min!" 

Lytchett Minster 10mile race. 20th February 2011. Hilly.
42/348                1:06.59 pb        Nick Daniels

Slay the Dragon 10k. 13th February 2011. Undulating muddy multi-terrain. Strong wind and rain.
2/43                    42.56                Richard Clifton
7                        47.21                Martin Holley

Slay the Dragon Fun Run. 13th Feb 2011. 1 mile. Strong wind and rain.
3/90                     6.48                Katherine Clifton-Day (1st Girl U10 trophy)    

Valentines 10k Nite Race. South Africa. 11th February 2011. 7pm. 28degrees c.
1157/4780            1:02.47            Mick Duplock (with Beth)

Exeter track 3k heats. 7th Feb 2011.
2/11                    10.47 pb            Nick Daniels

After Blackmore Vale Half. L to R. Top: Richard Clifton, Martin Holley, Neil Plumridge, Jeremy Taylor.
Bottom: Marie Wadey, Dave Hardiman, Rob Hall.
Blackmore Vale Half Marathon. 6th February 2011. Quite undulating and windy.
25/456                  1:25.19 pb        Dave Hardiman (Dave's first half)
26                        1:25.59             Richard Clifton
36                        1:28.14             Neil Plumridge
65                        1:32.14 pb        Jeremey Taylor
99                        1:36.23 pb        Martin Holley (Martin's first half)
101                      1:36.33             Richard Cave
154                      1:42.21 pb         Rob Hall  
258                      1:50.24             Marie Wadey  
Excellent results all round and 3rd place in the mens team competition.  Well done all.                   

Bicton Elf. 22nd January 2011. 10k
5/123                    43.45            Nick Daniels

Dis-Chem Half Marathon. Bedfordview, Johannesburg, SA. 6am, 16th January 2011. Course profile looks very hilly.
2626/3929                2:22.13        Mick Duplock (with Beth Libby-Neale)   Mick came 88th/231 in the Grand Masters category.     

Berg-en-Dal nite race. Krugersdorp, South Africa. 12th January 2011. 15k. 7pm. 20 degrees C  'stern, testing hills'!
Approx 400th/600    1:46.53        Mick Duplock (with Beth Libby-Neale, Randburg Harriers (Micks other running club)) 
Mick flew into SA at 8.30am on Monday and was talked into running this race on Tuesday evening (it's cooler running in the evenings).

Axmouth Challenge. 9th January 2011. 10 mile multi-terrain. Cold!
10/50                       1:12.24        Chris Wadey

5 mile Challenge. January 2011. Multi-terrain.
1/10                        39.27            Nick Daniels - Congratulations Nick!

The Chard Flyer. 1st January 2011. 10k with lanes, tracks and footpaths and a long hill in the middle.
7/61                        39.30            Kevin Buree
8                              39.43            Mike Penrose
10                            41.09            Dave Hardiman
16                            43.55            Chris Wadey
26                            47.28            Rob Hall
31                            50.05            Marie Wadey
41                            54.37            Bryony Boulter
43                            56.44            Hannah Dowling
48                            60.08            Mick Duplock (with Nick Daniels)
(                               62.18            Phil Hodson - sweeper - time from the following day)
53                            64.01            Liz Wallis