.........RESULTS 2013 ...................

Final PB table at end of 2013

STOKE STAMPEDE. 29th Dec 2013. 10k. Slightly undulating. Good pb route.
16/322             37.30 pb          Wayne Loveridge
20                    38.17               Kev Buree
130                  48.45               Marie Wadey
171                  51.11               Andy Mear
194                  53.18 pb          Helen Baxter
282                  64.01               Gary Wheaton
305                  68.58               Vicky Musselwhite
317                  78.55 pb          Becky Stone
322                  84.59               Chan Chantel

SCROOGE RUN. 22nd Dec 2013. 9 miles of mud, mud, mud and mucking about.
114/307            2:03.29               Marie Wadey (3rd in cat for Mrs Clause)
115                   2:03.29               Chris Wadey (Most smartly dressed man)

4/161           19.24         Nick Daniels (1st in cat)
113              30.45         Louis Worth (yet another pb!)
125              31.47         Alex Wadey
126              31.52         Marie Wadey

4/117           19.13          Richard Clifton (1st in cat)
26                23.34          Fred Holley
100              34.55          Sarah Holley
101              34.56          Martin Holley

REINDEER RUN 10K. 7th December 2013.
18/177       43.51            Neil Plumridge

49/152       19.44           Tom Douglas
50              19.45           Addie Douglas
55              20.41           Crocus Douglas   Well done the young Douglas runners.

LONGRUN MEADOW PARKRUN. 7th December 2013.
5/158        19.05             Nick Daniels     (Nick's 47th Parkrun)

2/115        19.11              Richard Clifton (1st in cat)

Nick Daniels update warning......
Brent knoll was event 250 for me in my second life as an apprentice runner...football boots well and truly hung up.

Action... Killerton Parkrun 5k xc/mt
12/218 19.51 1stv40
superb weather no sign of any flooding but heavy going underfoot in the fields, todays special guest was Phil Wylie (First Ever Chard Flyer Winner) who completed this in 15.33, bonkers time for this coarse.

Bospool 5k road 3 lapper
7/26 19.10 4th V40
perfect out leg however return leg into a driving head wind, made the main contenders work for thier suppers after leading this for the first mile...2 & 3rd mile they had other ideas by then.......

FULL MONTY. 1st Decemebr 2013. It's tough.
35/239             1:29.52               Martin Holley (A man on good form)
102                  1:44.04               Marie Wadey (Always on good form - and as Mrs Clause - see below)
195                  2:02.52               Simon Hall (Good form Simon)
227                  2:16.18               Helen Baxter (Top of the form for effort Helen)
(Please spare a thought for our brave Claire who couldn't finish due to a fall - get well soon Claire x)
 Marie with Jim Plunkett-Cole (10k x 365)

COOMBE 8. 24th November 2013. Off road, river crossing, bogs etc.
115/283            1:07.22         Marie Wadey (3rd in cat)

BRENT KNOLL 5.75m. 24th November 2013. Road, tracks, steps, fields.
4/153              40.03              Wayne Loveridge (and Winner of the 2013 Somerset Series)
14                   43.02              Richard Clifton (1st in cat)
16                   43.27              Nick Daniels
31                   45.40              Paul Masters (4th in cat)
33                   46.06              Martin Holley (top 22%)
 Top team performance led home by top of series champ.   

4/123                 19.39             Richard Clifton (1st in cat)


128/212             28.21 pb          Alex Wadey (pb by 5 mins!!)
129                    28.22              Chris Wadey
177                    32.36              Louis Worth (pb by 10 mins!!!!!)
178                    32.37              Marie Wadey

CORNISH MARATHON. 17th November 2013. (Waiting for full results)
56/294                3:29.29            Bernard Genge (Steady Eddy)
177                     4:18.19           Marie Wadey (Just what the doctor ordered)
178                     4:18.19           Chris Wadey (Just what the Mrs ordered)

DROGO 10. 17th November 2013. xc
30/507          1:10.21             Wayne Loveridge
56                 1:14.20             Nick Daniels
318               1:39.38             Anna Drew
319               1:39.39             Paul Fraser
A big field for this one which had a little too much down hill for our top tiler.

Hold on folks it's a race report from Nick Daniels

Bospool 5k road burnham 18.59 7/32 4th v40
a1 conditions lap 1&3, lap 2 strong headwind as usuall (5.53, 

Killerton 5k xcountry 19.50 9/212    2ndv40
lovly morning, mudfest underfoot and flooded in parts, less than a minuate
slower than bospol in these conditions just shows how tricky bospool can be with
the tight turns and wind...

YARCOMBE YOMP. 2nd November 2013. 10 miles of everything the countryside has to offer.
30/48           1:40.12       Gavin Wyatt
32                1:40.45       Anna Drew       
33                1:40.45       Paul Fraser
36                1:42.45       Rich Cave
48                2:01.01       Helen Baxter
Good effort guys, sounds like this was the equivalent of a half mara on flat course.

COLYTON FIVER. 27th October 2013. Flat 50/50 on/off road.
7/70            32.20            Paul Masters (1st in cat)
20               37.23            Marie Wadey (1st in cat) Super duper running you two (insert smiley face)
30               39.46            Andy Mear (4th in cat)
55               46.12            Helen Baxter (7th in cat)
60               47.58            Gary Wheaton (6th in cat)
65               52.31            Mel Boarder (5th in cat)
18/31          26.31            Alex Wadey
28               32.48            Chan Chant
 Top Fiver Team + small dude in shades

EXMOOR STAGGER. 20th October 2013. Nearly 16 miles of tough assent and desent.
6/201           2:08.37            Wayne Loveridge (top result for Chard's 'man of the moment' and looks likely to have secured the top place in this years Somerset Series competition)

SALISBURY HALF MARATHON. 20th October 2013. Not the best day for running...a bit damp.
247/254            2:34.04            Mel Boarder
254                   2:42.27            Dave Carter

EDEN PROJECT MARATHON. 20th October 2013.
76/169              4:12.32            Chris Wadey (one of the hardest he has completed (& started!))

29/132              3:31.43            Bernard Genge (2nd in cat, well done Bern)
83                    4:15.42             Dave Hardiman (Not good after 15 miles and then stung on the ankle by a wasp at 20 miles, ouch!)
PARRETT TRAIL RELAY. 12th October 2013. Some flat sections, some with hills. Normally some mud but good underfoot this year.
6 legs of varying length and this year just one victorius mixed team - us! Times and details on the Crewkerne RC website. Well done: Paul Masters, Anna Smith, Maria Wadey, Martin Holley (Team Captain), Richard Clifton and Wayne Loveridge.
Overall 3rd/21 teams. 

BIDEFORD 50. Saturday 12th October 2013
Star Sweeper - Chris Wadey. Nice one Chris. With very little training and you did a fine job of sweeping and completing this 50k race. Does that count as doing your share of the housework this weekend? 

JERSEY MARATHON. 6th October 2013.
                         4:56                 Simon Hall


140/3001           3:21.34            Paul Masters
204                    3:28.29            Bernard Genge
1306                  4:27.44 pb       Andy Mear (1st marathon, which one next Andy?)

CARDIFF HALF MARATHON. 6th October 2013.
6920/14,000       2:01.11            Addie Douglas

8/198                1:22.50 pb       Wayne Loveridge (over 6 mins off old pb on a hot day)

MINSTER CHALLENGE. 6th October 2013. 7 miles lots of off road and mud
37/69           1:08.29               Anna Drew
38                1:08.29              Chris Wadey (Ran from home, then raced and did 21 miles all told)
42                1:10.15              Paul Fraser
58                1:21.43              Helen Baxter (1st in cat, 2nd race this weekend, then went digging...does that count as cross training?)
59                1:22.23              Gary Wheaton

FUN RUN. 3 miles
45/66            34.30               Alex Wadey

12/17               Oscar Wadey (1st in cat)

MONTACUTE PARK RUN. 5th October 2013
75/118             30.26             Miranda Colberd (v close to pb)

90/201             27.42 pb       Helen Baxter (3rd in cat)

Watch out, watch out, Nick Daniels is about...
Episode 1

28/9 killerton xc 5k 19.41 9th/100 1st v40 & 1st vet

torrential rain, mud stricken & flooded coarse, most inc main players
a minuate or more down I was about 20 secs adrift of last time but quickest into
the café...........

Episode 2

3/10 bospool 5k road 18.57 3/32 1st v40 2nd vet
dry, warm blowing a gale as usuall on north coast capers

quick coarse but couple of very tight corners make this always 30secs
slower than yeovilton on a good day, todays gusts beat the life from any attempt
on any quicker times (winner luke prior & 2nd Lloyd Collins about 40 secs
slower than last yeovilton outing, both a class above the rest of us, sub 16.30
men, closest I get to 16.30 is when I have a cupa at 16.45 lol.....

6/196              47.24           Wayne Loveridge (New off road shoes ordered = Wayne (Spiderman) Loveridge)

TAUNTON 10K. 29th September 2013. Fast and flat.
15th/298 (men)        38.28           Richard Clifton (1st in cat)

17th/292 (women)    46.04         Marie Wadey (Good time for the come-back kid and 3rd in cat)
96                             55.17 pb    Helen Baxter (over 2 mins off old pb)
231                           65.33         Mel Boarder

COTLEIGH CANTERS 10k. 22nd September 2013
27/45          52.20              Gavin Wyatt
29              53.17              Addie Douglas
40              62.21              Gary Wheaton          Good running team :)

18/36          18.50             Crocus Douglas (Well done Crocus, held off the challenge from your Gran!) 
36               29.00             Pam Capener (Excellent running, keep up the training :)

KING ALFREDS TOURMENT. 22nd September. 7+ miles very hilly (2400ft climbing!!)
16/135         52.33              Paul Masters
54               61.30              Chris Wadey
81               65.28              Marie Wadey
Never mind close finishes, this lot nearly missed the start. Dodgy sat nav to blame apparently and for once Bern got the last laugh! 

Another excellent result from our number one scribe. Can't beat a good Nick Daniels race report/email... enjoy!
Gryphon challenge sherborne 13.2 m/t half marathon (official distance lol grrr) 3/147 1st v 40 1.58.59ultra tough virtually all off road with mega hills and much mud, some devils had robbed some signs so this was and as usuall for me "another fine mess" and i eard swear words iv never heard before lolI and winner got lost four times and another 7/8 got lost at least 3 times including experienced matt driver and bryonys dad, Richard boulters garmin said 14.61 and me and the winner ran at least another half mile after straying on to the golf coarse early on "fore"Richard boulter was 2nd today about 3 secs infront of me, not quite able to catch the master after my legs went in the last 2 miles, we both wernt far of the winner, i was in the lead and 2nd at some points but the extra distance and then sprinting to regain positions after going wrong took its toll at one point me and winner went from 1st/2nd to 19th & 20th but everybody seemed to decide that anyone that went wrong all would help and Richard deserved runner up after helping me on several occasions, not bad for a 59 year old....stay tuned facebook blog to follow


BRISTOL HALF MARATHON. 15th September 2013.
2484/11,000       1:46.06          Marie Wadey
7020                  2:19.47 pb     Dawn Lemon (1st ever half, well done Dawn)
7471                 2:27.04          Mel Boarder
7575                 2:29.13          Vicky Musselwhite
8184                 3:12.58          Chan Chant

154/232            1:57.22            Andy Mear
154                  1:57.22            Addie Douglas (Close to pb)
220                  2:40.59 pb?      Dave Carter 

ASH EXCELLENT 8. 1st September 2103.
2/155            52.05         Wayne Loveridge (1st in cat and not far off winning. Not long now surely?)
148            1:33.30         Gary Wheaton       

YEOVILTON 5K SUMMER SERIES. RACE 6. 11th September 2013. Cooling rain and little wind - perfect at last.
24/167          17.47 pb      Wayne Loveridge (Another pb and top Chard runner in the 5k series)
28                18.11          Richard Clifton (2nd 50+ in series overall)
33                18.35 pb      Paul Masters (First 5k for a while and big improvement - lots more to come I expect)
51                19.56          Chris Wadey (Good effort off a difficult training period)
86                22.06          Marie Wadey (Supreme effort off an even more difficult training period and 1st in cat for the series)
142              28.01          Tim Dismore (Excellent and accurate weather forecasting)
149              29.30           Mel Boarder (Good run Mel)
152              30.33 pb      Dave Carter (Keep practicing that race face Dave!)
154              30.52          Vicky Musselwhite (not far off pb)
158              31.20 pb      Keith Rendell (2nd pb in a week. Great effort)
161              32.29          Chloe Rendell (close to pb, well done)
162              33.36          Alex Wadey (Well run Alex)
166              42.56 pb     Louis Worth (1st 5k, good start Louis)
167              42.56          Chan Chant (You're no quitter Chan, stick with it as every runner counts)     
What a really good turnout from the club for the whole series. Well done Chard Road Runners and thanks YTRRC.

SHEPTON BEACHAMP 10K. 8th September 2013. Multi terrian.

Male finishers
3/54 males    38.27          Wayne Loveridge (Excellent time for the course)
6                  40.29          Richard Clifton (1st 50+)
8                  41.06          Paul Masters (2nd 50+)
23                47.37          Chris Wadey
31                52.37          Simon Hall
35                53.34          Paul Fraser
36                53.34          Adrian Taylor
42                Not recorded  Rich Lovelock
51                70.07 pb     Keith Rendell (No excuse for not smashing this time when you next do a flattish one Keith)
Female finishers
3/26             50.05          Marie Wadey
4                 51.43          Anna Drew
11               Not recorded Helen Baxter
12               Not recorded Claire Pomeroy
14               Not recorded Julie Turner
21               65.32           Mel Boarder
25               88.26          Chan Chant (and by no means last - overtaking 2 others on the last hill :)

3rd overall and 2nd girl.      Katherine Clifton-Day
Well done........................ Oscar Wadey (sorry no results)

SLaMM Half Marathon. 7th September 2013. Tough mainly off road half marathon.

1/41            1:39.01              Nick Daniels (Great result Nick and as you mentioned in your email - 1st in cat - Nick, you were 1st in everything chum, top dog, el numero uno honcho, the head cheese, you are the man!! Bask in the glory for a while.

Battle of Sedgemoor 10k. 25th August 2013. Quite a nice flat one.

23/345          37.36 (=pb)       Wayne Loveridge (so near yet so hard to beat your pb!)
55                40.17                Neil Plumridge
138              46.14 pb            Anna Drew

Trelissic 10k. 24th August 2013.
67/219          47.52          Chris Wadey

Oke Croak Fell Race 10.6m Oakhampton moor
Nick Daniels Adventure Log!
At it again today in fell race, this harder, longer than sticklepath, still self navigation by map/compass but weather a1 and no carpark dodgy activities toady lol, just huge bolders, gorse and 2000ft of climbing to contend with

1.33.36 5/27 and first vet 40 (bulmers cidre and all the cake I could eat were my reward)

Crook Peak cake Race Fell Run 21/8/13 3miles
Nick Daniels Adventure Log!
23.57 (pb by 1 min) 25/97 5th v 40

warm , dry but big rocks, big hills and undulating like the lunar surface

Sticklepath INTERNATIONAL Fell Race Devon 17/8/13 9.61 Fell Type 10th/? ? V 40/ Time ?
Nick Daniels Adventure Log!

Self navigation to 6 checkpoints (you had to carry compass/whistle/coat/trousers/food/map just to enter)
30mph+ winds on the moor/driving rain but warm, sun came out as we finished
Simons friend and former grizly winner brian charters told me about this said the hardest thing hes ever done...he was right
1800ft of climbing up 1in 3 hills with ankle deep mud, knee deep gorse and rocks the size of a small hatchback, eventually when we did reach the top more of same, I swear I never ran more that 8ft without jumping or wading or climbing something, finaly and worst part a 200m desent on a near virtigal drop, wade through a river then climb, yes climb up a 1 in 2 hill, never in all my days have I ever run something as hard as this, stagger & south downs off road marathon were a breeze

YEOVILTON 5K SUMMER SERIES. RACE 5. 14th August 2013. No wind, at last, but close and humid.
27               17.48 pb          Wayne Loveridge
31               18.20               Richard Clifton
37               18.46               Nick Daniels
69               21.34 pb          Anna Drew (1 min off)
103             24.13               Maria Wadey (You should get a very big medal for that gutsy run)
104             24.13               Chris Wadey (...and one for you)
119             25.36               Claire Gibbs
128             27.39 pb          Dawn Lemon (over 3 mins off)
144             30.20 pb          Miranda Colberd
147             30.39 pb          Vicky Musselwhite
148             30.44 pb          Dave Carter
151             30.57               Mel Boarder
155             32.00 pb          Keith Rendel
158             33.09              Chloe Rendel
162             35.34              Hannah Gibbs
164             39.46              Chan Chant
Good running you lot - one more race let in the series then the Street 5k Series. Not as fast but certainly interesting.

MAIDEN NEW TEN MADNESS. 10th August 2013.
42/128           50.05           Anna Drew (2nd in cat - smiley face)
69                 54.25           Paul Fraser (Madness indeed when you get a nose bleed during the race!)

EXETER FLOWERPOTS 5k. 6th August 2013. Flat and fast.
30/106            18.57            Nick Daniels (Getting back into his stride after a bad back)

KILLERTON PARKRUN. 5k. 10th August 2013. Off road.
11/237             19.25           Nick Daniels

6/106              40.34              Wayne Loveridge
30                  46.47              Martin Holley
49                 51.06               Rich Cave
50                 51.11               Anna Drew
63                 53.59               Paul Fraser
69                 54.42               Andy Mear
70                 55.03               Ben Sheahan
78                 61.56               Ryan Sheahan
83                 62.30               Andy Sheahan
89                 63.56               Helen Baxter

5/7             31.43               Dawn Lemon
6                39.06               Keith Rendel
7                34.35               Chloe Rendel

BATH MARATHON. 27th July 2013. Tough off-road affair.
9/96                     4:21.46         Bernard Genge (1st in cat, £20 voucher and a sore ass (?)!)

RACE TO THE BILL Classic Triathlon. 21st July 2013. Very hot day.
Position              Swin              Bike              Run            Total time
45/95                  32.17             1:27.26          43.22          2:45.31         Martin Holley

COLYTON REBEL RUN. 17th July 2013. Evening run. Warm evening.
12/80             44.35          Martin Holley (1st in cat, woop woop, tri training must be paying off)
31                 49.34          Anna Drew (4th in cat)
41                 51.30          Paul Fraser (finger out time Paul!)
77                 74.47          Mel Boarder
78                 75.49          Vicky Musselwhite

6/25              28.13          Fred Holley (1st in cat)

RACE FOR LIFE - TAUNTON. 10k. 14th July 2013. Hot day
Well done Marie Wadey, Miranda Colberd and friends.

WELLINGTON 10k. 14th July 2013. Hilly road race on a very hot day.
103/122           70.23           Gary Wheaton (watch out behind you Gary....)
106                 72.54           Dave Carter (moving up through the field every race now) 

YEOVILTON 5k SUMMER SERIES. Race 4. 10th July 2013. Hot and breezy.
19/176            17.46            Tom Priest
27                  17.57            Richard Clifton (2nd in cat)
34                  18.15            Wayne Loveridge
62                  20.04            Martin Holley
73                  20.36            Chris Wadey
79                  20.53 pb        Fred Holley (Passed driving test and won the son vs dad challenge, job done!)
104                23.17             Simon Hall
117               24.09              Andy Mear
119               24.31              Marie Wadey
127               25.28 pb         Andy Sheahan (1st 5k after all this time Andy!)
159               30.01              Dawn Lemon
168               32.21              Mel Boarder
169               32.35              Keith Rendell (not far off pb)
170               32.35              Vicky Musselwhite
173               32.58              Miranda Colberd (Painful stitch, unlucky)
175               39.48              Chloe Rendell
176               39.53              Chan Chant

QUANTOCK BEAST. 7th July 2013. 5.7 miles. Hilly, 70% off road. Very hot day.
4/75                38.21            Wayne 'the beast' Loveridge (great time/position, hard course)

CHARMOUTH CHALLENGE. 6th July 2013. 7.8 miles. 'scenery with bite' Fell Runners Assn Grade 'BM' course. Hot day.

140/265           1:21.20         Chris Marshall
152                 1:23.23         Marie Wadey ('...I took it easy but still beat Simon!')
158                 1:24.40         Simon Hall
210                 1:32.07         Claire Pomeroy
A tough race in the heat.

102/125           26.49            Oscar Wadey (Well done Oscar, moving up the finishing order)
103                 26.49            Chris Wadey

GIANTS HEAD MARATHON. 29th June 2013. Hilly, trails.
12/187        4:21.00            Jeremy Taylor (3rd in cat, took it easy as was thinking of doing the Midnight Mara later in the day but ended up going to Glastonbury!!!)

MIDNIGHT MOUNTAIN MARATHON. 29th June 2013. Forests, streams and mountains. 5.30pm start. Very tough.
38/61         5:44.33            Bernard Genge (Company for Simon for the first half)
56              6:16.19            Simon Hall (Beat the cut-off time, nice one Simon)

Position       Swin 1500m  Bike 42k   Run  10k       Total time
118/173         28.35           1:26.24     42.09             2:39.19  
Well done on you first Oylmpic distance Tri Martin Holley (with a few problems in the bike section).

BEAT THE BUS. 26th June 2013.
7/57             40.41            Wayne 'I beat the bus' Loveridge

FARWAY 10K. 23rd June 2013. Hilly and hard to find.
3/30 males    41.00               Wayne 'far out man' Loveridge
9/19 females 55.34               Marie Wadey
17/19           71.22               Miranda Colberd

TORBAY HALF MARATHON. 23rd June 2013. Sounded a bit hilly.
780/1543        1:56.05           Andy Mear
814                1:57.00           Rich Lovelock
1409              2:26.04           Dave Carter          
All of you very close to your PB's so would have set new ones if the course was a bit flatter. Good efforts guys.

CHEDDAR GORGE 10k. 23rd June 2013.
61/151           63.55             Gavin Wyatt (well done Gavin, guess it was a bit undulating?)  

TINTIN 10k. 19th June 2013. Gently undulating multi-terrain race. Very warm evening.
5/139             38.39              Wayne 'mighty atom' Loveridge (3rd in cat) 
7                   40.41              Richard Clifton (1st in cat)
64                 50.36              Chris Marshall 
123               63.47              Gary Wheaton
137               70.42              Miranda Coleberd
138               70.46              Vicky Musselwhite
139               70.59              Mel Boarder                           Well done all. 

Position         Name              Overall Time      Cat posn     Swim(posn)    Bike(posn)      Run(posn)    
237/632          Martin Holley     5:08.39                33               39.04 (445)      2:42.51 (317)   1:43.06 (151)
365                Bernard Genge   5:31.04                20               50.06 (588)      2:46.50 (361)   1:46.00 (180)
415                Jeremy Taylor    5:37.57                61                54.37 (594)      2:56.55 (469)   1:37.24 (81)
Big big pats on the back for our very own (nearly) Iron Men. Can't imagine keeping going for over 5 hours. Sleep well...

ASHILL 5k (3.45 miles) Undulating road race. 16th June 2013. Drizzle.
2/41             20.54            Richard Clifton
15                28.07           Julie Turner (1st lady. FIRST LADY!)
24                32.01           Julian Howlett-Turner

ASHILL 1 mile fun run.
1/30+               ?                 Katherine Clifton-Day (nice to beat all of the boys as well - that's my girl :) )

MARTOCK 10k road race. 16th June 2013. Pretty flat. Drizzle.
8/211             36.53 pb ?       Tom Priest (great time Tom and your first time in a Chard vest. 3rd in cat)
11                  37.36 pb          Wayne 'where's the cider' Loveridge (4th in cat and over a minute off old pb)
35                  42.14              Chris Wadey (10th in cat)
68                  46.48 pb ?       Chris Marshall
96                  48.55 pb ?       Gavin Wyatt
99                  49.05 pb          Andy Mear (30 secs off old pb)
104                50.00              Marie Wadey (and dip for then line, repeat, dip for the line...)
127                52.49              Andy Sheahan
132                53.21 pb          Claire Gibbs (10th in cat and nearly 3 mins off old pb!))
196                63.46 pb          Miranda Colberd (7th in cat and new pb)
197                63.47 pb          Mel Boarder (30 secs off old pb)
198                63.51 pb          Vicky Musselwhite (8th in cat and 1 min off old pb)
Another good showing from the team. Think we will get used to this as race fever seems to have struck.

CLEVEDON MIDOMER 10k road race. 11th June 2013.
44/379           39.19            Nick Daniels

YEOVILTON 5k SUMMER SERIES. Race 3. 12th June 2013. Windy, again, but in a favourable direction.
23/156           17.52 pb        Wayne 'make way please' Loveridge (17 secs faster, more to come)
25                 18.03             Richard Clifton (2nd in cat, again. Slip-streaming Wayne till 4k - sneaky!)
47                 19.17             Chris Wadey (pre - go faster haircut)
81                 21.11             Rich Cave (comeback still looking good)
87                 21.32 pb        Chris Marshall (more in the tank Chris?)
107               23.48             Marie Wadey (3rd in cat and nice pink hat!)
126               26.34             Claire Gibbs
140               30.00             Mel Boarder
146               30.49 pb        Vicky Musselwhite (good pb Vicky, sub 30 soon)
147               31.04 =pb       Miranda Coleberd (agonisingly close but good running all the same)
155               36.40             Chan Chant
Good turnout again and some good performances. Hannah Gibbs where was your result? Your first race, well done. 

NINE SPRINGS 9k. 9th June 2013. A bit up and down and quite warm.
4/139             37.42            Wayne 'go faster' Loveridge (another sizzling result for the young guy)
127                64.21           Gary 'please overtake' Wheaton (it was warm Gary, wasn't it!)          

UMBOURNE UG. 8th June 2013.
49/90             57.47            Chris Marshall (1st race for Chard and top of the pops already, well done chap)
59                 60.46            Simon Hall
62                 61.49            Marie Wadey (4th in cat)
67                 66.01            Addie Douglass (5th in cat)

21/46            16.35             Crocus Douglass (2nd in cat)
28                 19.18            Tom Douglass (2nd in cat)
45                 27.54            Oscar Wadey (4th in cat)
46                 27.58            Chris Wadey (hope you had fun Chris?)
Well done all you Juniors, good show.

DARTMOOR DISCOVERY. 1st June 2013. Challenging 32 miles ultra. Sunny.
128/183        5:52.03           Bernard Genge (running with Jacqueline Wiggins  well done both of you)

RUN IN THE WILD. Please see RITW page on this site.

ASH TOWN TREE TRAIL. 16th May 2013. 10k.
3/52              45.00              Wayne Loveridge (in the same week as the Crewkerne 10, what was Wayne on?)
30                58.26               Paul Fraser
36                65.03               Claire Gibbs (1st in cat, woop woop!)
37                65.05               Julie Turner
47                75.22               Gary Wheaton
48                78.49               Mel Boarder
50                79.54               Vicky Musselwhite

TEWKESBURY HALF MARATHON. 19th May 2013. Flattish but too warm.
439/826          1:57.18          Rich Lovelock (close to pb on a warm day)

CREWKERNE 10K. 19th May 2013
3/162             37.51            Tom Priest (Crewkerne RC)
5                   38.59             Wayne Loveridge (Second great result in the week from our new speedster)
14                 42.12             Paul Masters (2nd in cat) 
21                 43.44             Martin Holley
58                 50.40             Marie Wadey (2nd in cat)
150               66.12             Gary Wheaton
160               70.32             Vicky Musselwhite

5k Fun run
42                 35.25            Zachary Smith (M7)
43                 35.26            Anna Smith
46                 36.39            Joseph Smith (M9)
50                 37.29            Chan Chant

KILLERTON PARKRUN 5k. 4th May 2013.
8/154             19.26             Nick Daniels (1st in cat)

KILLERTON PARKRUN 5k. 11th May 2013.
10/121           19.25             Nick Daniels (2nd in cat)
Good set of results there Nick.

GLASTONBURY 10K. 5th May 2013
23/498            39.03             Wayne Loveridge (Good time and place in a big field - smiley face)

BEER BLAZER. 12th May 2013. A tough 10k
6/94                43.51             Wayne Loveridge
14                  47.16              Paul Masters (2nd in cat and 10th based on age graded times)

BLACK DEATH RUN. 12th May 2013. 10.5 challenging miles.
114/313           1:43.32           Paul Fraser ('it was a pile of arse!!' FaceBook - really Paul?) 

28/136             33.59            Lola Podbery (1st 7 yr old back - way to go Lola - great time and place)
29                   33.59            Anna Drew (Best supporting mum - winner!)

YEOVILTON 5k SUMMER SERIES. Race 2. 9th May 2013.Very flat road race. Windy.
13/163          17.15                Tom Priest (Crewkerne RC and runs with us)
21                 18.09 pb           Wayne Loveridge (big improvement)
30                 18.47                Richard Clifton (2nd in cat)
44                 19.23                Chris Wadey 
82                 22.12                Rich Cave (back from a long injury break, smiley face)
92                 23.00                Marie Wadey (hmmmm...)
101               24.44 pb            Rich Lovelock (1st 5k)              
103               23.42                Simon Hall
104               23.44 pb           Andy Mear (Hated every minute?)
126               26.40 pb           Tim Dismore (A good chunk off last months time)
151               31.04 pb           Miranda Colberd (1 min off)
156               31.42               Mel Boarder
159               32.09 pb           Keith Rendell (smashed that old pb, worth giving up the fags then Keith?)
160               32.18 pb           Chloe Rendell (another big improver)
162               35.14               Chan Chant (faster than last month)

NORTH DORSET VILLAGE MARATHON. 5th May 2013. Gently undulating road race. A bit warm after 16 miles.
4/294           3:02.57                Richard Clifton (1st in cat for the 2nd year)
48               3:28.02                 Dave Hardiman
(136            3.55.31                 Jacqueline Wiggins (with us for the day and a good time))
137             3:55.32                 Bernard Genge (Keeping Jax company for his 45 marathon)

8/12              2.29(.64)             Nick Daniels (.036 of a second inside qualifying time!)

KILLERTON PARK RUN. 23rd April 2013.
10/122            19.46                  Nick Daniels

WESTON PROM RUN. 18th April 2013. 5m. Flat but normally windy.
29/243             31.31                 Nick Daniels

HALDON HEARTBEAT. 27th April 2013. Woods, lanes, grass and hills. Nice day for a run.
142/193            1:17.47              Claire Gibbs (All on you todd Claire!)

LONDON MARATHON. 21st April 2013. Sunny.
961/34,202       2:56.37              Richard Clifton (Just outside pb. 26th in cat. 1st back for MND charity)
1618                3:03.34              Jeremy Taylor (Excellent time considering food poisoning in the week)
1976                3:07.46              Neil Plumridge (91st in cat, another great time at 54 yrs old)
2494                3:13.06              Bernard Genge (Ran much faster than planned for his 11th marathon this year)
3237                3:19.22              Dave Hardiman (Injury before training then tummy issues on the day, still good)
4554                3:29.06              Chris Wadey (Good effort Chris, you'll be back)
6557                3:41.11              Maria Wadey (A good race and nice that you were so happy with your time)
8284                3:49.28 pb         Anna Podbery/Drew (1st mara, great time and qualified for 2014 race!)
13998              4:14.28 pb         Addie Douglass (1st mara, great time and faster times to come for sure)
As usual, well done us! Great club results from the small club. All under 4.15 and all finishing in the first half of the field. A big, big thank you to all of our supporters that came up to cheer us on and those hooked to the online tracking. How many will we have running next year?

Top row L to R: Dave, Bern, Jeremy, Plum, Richard, Addie.
Botom: Chris, Anna, Marie

BRIDGEWATER 10K. 14th April 2013. Very windy.
9/346                41.37              Nick Daniels (1st in cat and great position, well done Nick)
164                   55.39              Rich Lovelock
171                   55.59              Ian Peacock

HONITON HIPPO. 14th April 2013. 7 miles multi-terrain 'mud, sweat and tears'
81/171              1:18.54           Simon Hall
100                   1:24.04           Anna Smith
118                   1:29.12           Claire Pomeroy

HONITON CALF. 3k version of the Hippo.
31/54                16.05              Oscar Smith (With friends won the Junior Team Category Trophy - good running Oscar)

YEOVILTON 5k SUMMER SERIES. Race 1. Very flat road race. Windy and wet.
16/136              17.44              Tom Priest (Crewkerne RC and runs with us)
20                    18.13              Richard Clifton (2nd in cat - 3rd race in a row - must try harder!)
32                    19.32              Wayne Loveridge
66                    22.22              Marie Wadey (4th in cat)
67                    22.27              Chris Wadey
91                    24.44              Andy Mear
94                    25.12 pb         Claire Gibbs (2nd n cat and pb by 2 mins - great improvement)
112                  28.57 pb         Tim Dismore (First ever race - since school I presume Tim, well done)
113                  28.58              Mel Boarder (Don't let Tim beat you next time Mel)
120                  31.03 pb?        Dawn Lemon
121                  31.22 pb          Vicky Musselwhite (First 5k race)
126                  32.05              Miranda Colberd (She'll be back!)
131                  35.11 pb?        Chloe Rendell (Junior Cat - well done Chloe, always nice to beat your dad!)
132                  35.42 =pb        Keith Rendell (same time as old pb, so close, but without the wind.....)
134                  36.19 pb?        Lisa Page
136                  37.02              Chan Chant
Surprisingly good turnout on a miserable evening. Cold, wet and windy. Good clutch of pb's and nice to see new runners. Many thanks to Paul Masters for photography and encouragement. 

PARIS MARATHON. 7th April 2013.
25,472/38,690           4:39.45          Flo Hoppie (Great to know you ran this Flo. Hope the injury is ok. Well done)

TAUNTON MARATHON. 7th April 2013. Gently undulating 2 lap road race. Good conditions, a little too windy.
22/211 ish        3:11.48 pb            Paul Masters (1st in cat and a great run knocking 12 mins off old time)
44                    3:20.13                Chris Wadey (22nd in cat. Good time Chris) 
53                    3:22.03                Nina Wagstaff (2nd in cat and with more to come - watch out!)
60                    3:26.17                Bernard Genge (5th in cat and steady run from our serial marathoner)
147                  4:04.56                Marie Wadey (8th in cat and showing her grit and determination as usual)

TAUNTON HALF MARATHON details as above but 1 lap.
14/990              1:22.01 pb           Richard Clifton (2nd in cat)
66                    1:29.22 pb           Wayne Loveridge (Good first half Wayne)
246                  1:41.21 pb           Paul Fraser (1 min off pb)
247                  1:41.22 pb           Anna Drew (Podbery) (15th in cat, 10 mins off pb - great run Anna)
498                  1:52.21                Nina Barnard 
543                  1:53.59 pb           Andy Mear
564                  1:55.15 pb           Julie Turner (23rd in cat and 5 mins off pb)
569                  1:55.33 pb           Claire Gibbs (19th in cat and 1st ever half - good time to start with...)
573                  1:55.39 pb           Rich Lovelock (2 half pb's in 8 days!)
659                  2:00.27 pb           Anna Smith (1st ever half and an easy target time for next half)
711                  2:03.00 pb           Ian Peacock (22 mins off old time!!!)
904                  2:22.27               Jo Truscott (close to pb)
942                  2:30.42 pw          Gary Wheaton (less beer + more training = faster Gary!)               
Great performances all round.

BOSPOOL 5K ROAD /PROM. 5th April 2013.
6/20           18.47 ish              Nick Daniels (3rd in cat)
Well done Nick Daniels for being the 3rd male overall in the Bospool Winter 5k Series and 1st in senior male category. 

EASTER BUNNY 10K. 1st April 2013. Fast and flat 10k. Very windy and chilly.
26/387                37.10            Richard Clifton (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 2 seconds slower than pb!! 2nd in cat)
43                      38.53 pb        Wayne Loveridge (2 mins off old pb, stonking result in the conditions)
85                      41.42            Thomas Wallis 
204                    49.39 pb        Andy Mear (nearly 2 mins off old pb, well done Andy)
240                    52.22 pb        Rich Lovelock
251                    52.55 pb        Julie Turner (21 seconds off and more to come on a better day)
263                    54.13 pb        Anna Smith (1st 10k)
275                    55.26 pb        Sarah McDonald (only 5 MINS OFF old pb!)
299                    57.12            Julian Howlett-Turner
301                    57.17            Mick Duplock (2 mins over his 2007 10k pb. Not bad for a nearly 70 year old. With Nick Daniels)
Some great times despite strong steady head wind for half the race.

KILMINGTON KANTER. 29th March 2013. 7 miles, multi-terrain, 2 x 1 mile hills.
12/67                 51.08            Tom Wallis
14                     51.49             Paul Masters
41                     58.29             Anna Podbery (4th female, 2nd in cat and showing Paul F a clean pair of hills!)
42                     58.32             Paul Fraser

JURASSIC COASTAL CHALLENGE. 22nd - 24th March 2013. Bitterly cold 3 day, 3 marathon + event.
Day 1.                4/192           4:31.44              Jeremy Taylor (2nd male vet)
                          47               6:09.23              Bernard Genge
Day 2.                4/197           4:28.07              Jeremy Taylor (3rd male vet)
                          25               5:29.26              Bernard Genge
Day 3.                2/154           5:21.13              Jeremy Taylor (2nd male vet)
                          29               6:46.59              Bernard Genge
Overall: 2nd Jeremy Taylor. Still waiting for full overall results
Very impressive running from both guys with Jeremy getting stronger through these events while others drop out. It can only be a matter of time before he wins one. He ran 85 miles and sais his legs were fine afterwards! Still good positions from Bern despite having navigation issues and running further than Jeremy!
HEMMINGTON SCHOOL 10K. 24th March 2013.
10/98              41.25               Nick Daniels (3rd Vet)

 'steep & off camber lanes with 1 mile of muddy bridleway but the roads were more slippery due to animal feeces and mud washed from fields had then frozen making it difficult to actually get any real pace down on the tarmac, distressingly was beaton by a collie dog called algeron, with a race number!!!! tied to collar, he & owner came in 7th overall, insult to injury dog stopped at 6k about 200 meters in front of me for impromtu toilet break and to chase couple of bunnies in a field......' - Nick

YEOVIL HALF MARATHON. 24th March 2013. Undulating but quick course. Very cold day.
50/813            1:29.55             Nina Wagstaff (2nd female overall, 2nd in cat, fantastic time only 1 min off pb)
179                1:40.17 pb         Marie Wadey (Dramatic breaking of old pb by 13 secs from 4 years ago - fighters never give up)
217                1:42.43 pb         Paul Fraser (pb by 24 secs, and there's a nasty hill half way round)
378                1:50.58             Nina Barnard (only 1 min away from pb)
452                1:55.22 pb        Andy Mear (1st half and a good time to start. Grizzly helped then Andy?)            
491                1:58.12 pb        Rich Lovelock (not sure of your old pb Rich) 
727                2:21.06 pb        Gary Wheaton (1st half for you as well Gary, well done)
736                2:21.34 pb        Vicky Musselwhite (1st half, well done Vicky)
737                2:21.34 pb        Mel Boarder (1st half, well done Mel)
What a great clutch of pb's including 4 new 'halfers', a long waited for pb for Marie and brilliant sb 1:30 from Nina Wagstaff. 

WESTON PROM RUN. 5 miles 21st March 2013.
27/178            31.12       Nick Daniels

PAIGNTON 10k. 16th March 2013
9/178              43.48       Nick Daniels (4th Vet and another excellent position Nick)

GRIZZLY (GRIME AND PUNISHMENT). 10th March 2013. Infamous 20.3 miles multi-terrain race. Roads, fields, mud, bogs, beach, streams etc
46/1448         2:56.52         Jeremy Taylor (excellent time, position and cat place (6th))
106               3:09.51         Richard Clifton (as Fanny with Nick Sale, 8th in cat)
162               3:18.00         Paul Masters (15th in cat)
195               3:23.00         Neil Plumridge (18th in cat)
262               3:30.31         Martin Holley (excellent time)
536               3:56.20         Paul Fraser
608               4:00.15         Marie Wadey (16th in cat)
609               4:00.15         Chris Wadey
922               4:27.14         Simon Hall 
1010             4:34.30         Andy Mear
1011             4:34.30         Steve Dening
1121             4:46.30         Sarah McDonald

GRIZZLY CUB RUN. 10th March 2013. Half length version of the above. Still tough.
5/366             1:15.55             Wayne Loveridge (What a star! 1st in cat)
139                1:50.03            Claire Pomeroy (9th in cat, how many cubs is that now Claire?)

GRIZZLY FUN RUN. 9th March 2013. 2k.
112/124         19.56            Oscar Wadey (1st in M3 cat, great going Oscar)
113               19.56            Alex Wadey (1st in M13 cat, well done Alex) 

Some times are approximate. Great turnout for the Cub and Grizzly especially considering quite a few were carrying injuries. Always an achievement just to make it round but there was a nasty cold wind this year and some sleet getting colder as the race went on. Some very cold bodies at the end.

BOSPOOL 5K ROAD /PROM. 7th March 2013.
6/33            19.10             Nick Daniels         

WESTON PROM RUN. 21st Feb 2013. 5m. Often windy.
29/214          30.54            Nick Daniels (Good pace Nick)

BIDEFORD HALF MARATHON. 3rd March 2013. Flat raod race.
654/867         2:03.42 pb        Sara McDonald (Good start to your distance running Sara, next time try the same race as Julie Turner and you're sure to get under 2 hours with her in your sights!)

COMBE ST NICHOLAS 10K. 3rd March 2013. Not flat!
11/76          44.14                 Chris Wadey
17              45.57                  Paul Fraser
39              52.44                  Andy Mear
53              57.51                  Rich Lovelock
54              58.32                 Gary Wheaton
63              61.33                 Andy Sheahan
72              64.50 pb            Vicky Musselwhite (pb by a staggering 9 mins!)
73              64.50                 Mel Boarder

DUCHY MARATHON. 3rd March 2013. Not flat!
21/202         3:10.37              Jeremy Taylor (Not bad at all for the course profile)
57               3:28.53              Bernard Genge (and on a dodgy sandwich. All part of Bern's meticulous pre-race planning!)

BATH HALF MARATHON. 3rd March 2013. Quite flat city road race. Chilly.
3642/9629 ish     1:51.09          Nina Barnard           
4898/9629          2:00.28 pb      Julie Turner (Great run Julie, faster than you expected. And your next target time?)

SLAY THE DRAGON 10K. 24th February 2013. Multi-terrain.
1/88                42.02               Richard Clifton (with appologies to the two leaders who went the wrong way)
40                   56.52               Andy Mear
63                   63.04               Emma Challis
66                   64.50               Gary Wheaton
67                   65.09               Rich Lovelock
70                   65.44               Helen Gilbert
87                   81.17               Vicky Musselwhite
88                1:40.39               Chan Chant

THE DRAGONS TAIL 4K. 24th February 2013. Multi-terrain.
2/6                   21.48             Katherine Clifton-Day (11 yrs old and 1st female)

BABCARY 7.5 MILE ROAD RACE.24th February 2013.
9/111               48.15               Wayne Loveridge (5th in cat and excellent position)

HEARTBRAKER MARATHON. 24th February 2013. Multi-terrain.
16/130            3:28.29              Jeremy Taylor
49                  3:50.48              Bernard Genge
50                  3:50.49              Martn Holley
Cold. Well done chaps.

DALWOOD THREE (AND A HALF) HILLS. 24th February 2013. Off road approx 10 miles race.
24/115            1:23.32              Paul Masters (2nd in category)
32                  1:26.02              Chris Wadey
66                  1:37.51              Paul Fraser
83                  1:48.43              Simon Hall
A particularly challenging race. Sounds like you all enjoyed it.

TAUNTON AQUATHLON. 17th February 2013. 1000m swim and 10k run (just short of)
Team Holley - 1st Mixed team / 2nd team overall and 11/88 overall. Sarah Holley 16.09 (2nd fastest lady, 1st ever competition), Martin Holley 39.59.           What a result, what a team! What next?
Bernard Genge - 56th/88  4th in cat  27.28 swim / 40.30 run

BURNHAM ESLPANADE 5K SERIES. 8th February 2013. flat 3 lapper (chilly, light rain some flooding).
4/42               18.46              Nick Daniels (1st vet 40+, good results Nick, well done)             

BLACKMORE VALE HALF MARATHON. 3rd February. Quite undulating raod race.
54/511            1:28.57           Bernard Genge
70                  1:31.09           Jeremy Taylor
347                1:57.32           Addie Douglas (beating previous time by 5 mins and not feeling great and 164 runners behind you!!)

HESTERCOMBE HUMDINGER. 9.5 miles. 3rd February 2013. Road race. Generally either up or down.
10/216            1:02.22            Richard Clifton (1st in 50+ cat)
18                  1:05.18            Paul Masters (2nd in 50+ cat)
22                  1:05.52            Wayne Loveridge
32                  1:07.42            Chris Wadey
34                  1:07.44            Nina Wagstaff (3rd lady overall and 1st in V35+ cat)
68                  1:15.11            Paul Fraser
83                  1:17.31            Anna Podbery
86                  1:17.40            Stephen Dening
102                1:20.15            Tim Dismore
157                1:28.41            Andy Mear
161                1:29.08            Claire Gibbs
164                1:29.43            Julie Turner
174                1:31.24            Anna Smith
178                1:32.10            Gary Wheaton
201                1:40.12            Helen Baxter
211                1:47.35            Kirsti Ball
213                1:47.54            Vicky Musselwhite
216                2:11.53            Chan Chantel
Fantastic turnout and good performances all round considering the weather leading up to the race. 2nd mens team.
  Photo: Mario

KILLERTON PARKRUN. 5k xc. 2nd February 2013. Similar conditions to last time.
6/7                 20.42                Nick Daniels (2nd 40+ vet)

KILLERTON PARKRUN. 5k xc. 26th January 2013. "warm,sunny,appalling conditions under foot!'
3/66                20.31               Nick Daniels (1st 40+ vet again and faster still)

WESTON PROM RUN. 18th January 2013. 5 miles. Windy and cold but no snow.
37/234             31.34               Nick Daniels (Tip for next time Nick - avoid running into marker bollards as they seem to slow you down. Where did you catch yourself by the way!)

KILLERTON PARKRUN. 5k xc. 12th January 2013. 'Driving wind, rain,freezing cold and waterlogged course, as usual!'

5/67                 20.51               Nick Daniels (1st 40+ vet and first time in new category. Great start Nick)

AXMOUTH CHALLENGE. 13th January 2013. 10 miles. Hilly and muddy.
18/96               1:10.40            Paul Masters (2nd in cat and time for team photos)
52                    1:22.08           Marie Wadey (3rd in cat and detirmined look)
67                    1:26.12           Stephen Dening
68                    1:26.12           Paul Fraser
69                    1:26.12           Anna Podbery (5th in cat and waited for the 'boys')
74                    1:30.49           Lucia Nuttall (6th in cat and waited for hubby)
80                    1:36.36           Andy Mear (slowed due to intestinal disagreement)
81                    1:37.54           Simon Hall
85                    1:41.09           Gary Wheaton
92                    1:51.22           Anna Smith (Well done Anna, a half marathon will seem easy now!)

7/22                    51.59          Matthew Farley (1st in cat)
11                       58.33          Emma Challis (for Fetch Everyone)
16                    1:06.07          Dawn Leman (3rd in cat)
21                    1:28.59          Chantel  Chant (4th in cat)
Team Axmouth Challenge 2013. Great turnout with some good future rivalries to look forward to.                    

HEREPATH HALF. 6th January 2013. 13.7 miles.
32/95              2:05.20             Marie Wadey (5th lady :))
33                  2:05.21             Chris Wadey 
Good finishing positions, well done both.

CHARD FLYER 10k. 1st January 2013

19/112              43.26             Wayne Loveridge
32                    46.28             Gary Male
48                    50.24             Anna Podbery (7th Lady)
65                    53.47             Andy Mear
75                    57.02             Julie Turner
80                    58.18             Gary Wheaton (very close to pb)
85                    59.29             Hannah Dowling
89                    60.27 pb        Sarah Macdonald
96                    64.24             Andy Sheahan
102                  70.09             Mel Boarder
108                  73.41 pb        Vicky Musselwhite (2 days since last pb!)
Great turnout from the Wednesday night runners and a couple of pb's to ensure the pb table didn't lack colour for more than a few hours.