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Crewkerne 5 and 10k 1.6 14

Arrow Valley Parkrun 31.6.14

Longrun Meadow Parkrun 31.6.14

Egdon easy 24/5/14 10k m/t 38.51 Nick Daniels 8th/178 1st v40 (promoted to 7th 1st man sent wrong route disqualified) cool/dry very windy, half track/gravel twisty paths half road. flat & fast road sections, twisty muddy gravel path sections all into a headwind.

Montacute Parkrun 24th May

Longrun Meadow Parkrun 24th May

Beer Blaser

Jeremy Taylor ran a marathon around here but no details sent. Malborough?

Black Death

Cheddar George 10k. 18th May
Becky Barnacle. Sorry can't find results page.

Wambrook Waddle. 18th May  - please see results on other page/tab.

Longrun Meadow Parkrun 17th May

Yeovilton 5k. 14th May


North Dorset Village Marathon. 4th May. Too warm, again...
34/290           3:16.08        Jeremy Taylor
75                  3:33.20        Paul Masters
145                3:57.18 pb   Addie Douglas (Cracked it!!)
146                3:57.19        Bernard Genge
172                4:04.16 pb   Andy Mear (A huge chunk off old pb :)
208                4:19.44        Marie Wadey
Great running from Addie and Andy especially considering the conditions. More to come we suspect.

Montacute Parkrun. 3rd May.
2/136           19.08           Richard Clifton (1st in cat)

Longrun Meadow Parkrun. 3rd May.
193/256        32.44          Keith Rendall
236               39.57          Chan Chant         1st Parkrun for you guys - well done.

Ash Town Tree Trail. 30th April.
5/95             48.04           Stuart Anderson (BOOM!! 1st in cat for the Chard 'new boy'. Look forward to meeting you Stuart)
8                  48.55           Martin Holley (3rd in cat)
22                56.22           Paul Fraser
43                60.26           Anna Drew (Back racing at last :)
53                64.57           Claire Gibbs (4th in cat)
69                72.58           Gary Wheaton
78                77.39           Mel Boarder
81                80.06           Dawn Lemon
84                81.11           Vicky Musselwhite
90                98.41           Becky Stone
91                1:51.35        Emma Brinklow
92                1:51.45        Lindsey Quinlan
93                1:53.21        Paige Wells-Burr
94                1:53.35        Chan Chant
Top team turnout for the town tree trail :)

Montacute Parkrun. 26th April.
3/118            20.15            Richard Clifton (1st in cat + long run too and from race!)
20                 23.02            Paul Fraser (3rd in cat)
71                 29.16            Lola Podbery (1st in cat)
72                 29.17            Anna Drew (5th in cat)
73                 29.30            Josie Podbery (1st in cat)
Good work by Team Podbery/Drew/Fraser.

Easter Bunny 10k. 21st April. Fast and flat 10k. A bit too sunny this time.

22 Loveridge Wayne Senior Male 7              36:52

33 Clifton Richard Male V50 7                        38:10

57 Holley Martin Male V40 19                          41:06

134 Barnacle Rebecca Senior Female 8          46:36

160 Beaumont Kate Female V35 12               48:48

169 Wadey Maria Female V45 7                    49:09

221 Baxter Helen Female V45 14                 52:34

238 Clancy Kevin Male V70 1                         53:59

283 Bindon Julie Female V35 35                 57:21

354 Stone Rebecca Senior Female 42       01:19:21

356 Quinlan Lindsey Female V35 49           01:19:42

Kilmington Kanter. 18th April 2014  (can't get full results yet) Thanks Helen for these
Nick Daniels 47 minutes 53 seconds
Neil Plumbridge 50 minutes 48 seconds
Claire Pomeroy 1 hour 13 minutes 19 seconds
Helen Baxter 1 hour 13 minutes 19 seconds
Simon Hall 1 hour 11 minutes 09 seconds (would have been faster if he had stopped to chat about a classic car.)
Vickt Musselwhite 1 hour 29 minutes 37seconds
David Carter 1 hour 32 minutes 40 seconds

Bridgewater 10k.

98/290            51.39           Adrian Taylor (9th in cat)

Virgin London Marathon 2014. 13th April. Temp ok but sunny from start to finish.
1114/36k        2:57.58        Richard Clifton  A tad slower than last time but still chuffed - 50th in fairly old git cat!
1921               3:06.25        Neil Plumridge  A tad faster than last time and very chuffed! - 27th in old git cat!
3749               3:21.54        Neal Stayner: Honourary Chard RR for the weekend and 6 mins off pb - great run Neal.
3826               3:22.28        Rich Cave: Aiming higher but still good after comeback from injury
4893               3:29.15        Becky Barnacle: 1st marathon, great training and commitment and 45 seconds inside target time.
5396               3:31.51        Nina Wagstaff: Good time despite nearly missing due to illness.
5395               3:31.51        Bern Genge: Yet another solid support run. Top man Bern.
7334               3:42.45        Andrew Clancy: 1st mara and well chuffed followed by two day cycle home!! Respect!
8096               3:46.09        Paul Masters: First London and bit of a tough one. Good first half, wheels off in the second :/ 
8703               3:48.48        Ian Harris: Well please and loved it!
13290             4:06.46        Kate Beaumont: Defered from last year and raised a stonking amount in memory of her daughter. Well run Kate. Also, you get the prize for the best paced race with half splits of 2:03.03 & 2:03.43. Fantastic even pacing.
31218             5:38.05        Laura Collins: Defered from last year but made it this time. Well done Laura.
35539             7:13.36        Chan Chant: Miracle woman runs again. Sounds like you had a ball Chan!!

An amazing turnout from the club and very good set of times. Sun from start to finish made it hard although air temp not bad. Great support from friends, family and the usual suspects. Thanks all.

Nick Daniels . 12/4/14 longrun parkrun 4/207 18.51 (parkrun pb) 1st v40

Yeovilton 5k Series. Race 1. 9th April 2014.
16/174         17.36  pb  Wayne Loveridge
40                19.22        Martin Holley (2 secs short, so close!)
59                20.33  pb  Andrew Clancy
90                23.21  pb  Dan Woodman
92                23.25        Marie Wadey  (5th in cat)
117              25.53        Kevin Clancy  (3rd in cat)
118              25.54        Claire Gibbs  (7th in cat)
135              27.17  pb  Miranda Colberd (3 mins off old pb!!!)
145              29.18        Dawn Lemon
149              30.12  pb?Louis Worth
152              30.53        Vicky Musselwhite
156              31.17  pb?Alex Worth
158              32.08   ?   Matt Baker
164              34.37   pb Rebecca Stone
168              36.19  pb  Linsey Quinlan
169              37.52        Hannah Gibbs
172              41.36   pb Emma Brinklow
173              43.42   pb Paige Well Burr
174              43.44        Chan Chant
What a turnout!!! Well done everyone especially new and first time racers :)           

Honiton Hippo. 6th April. A rural race where running in pairs is advised for safety.
104/225           1:24.19            Addie Douglas (Star)
105                  1:24.21            Andy Mear (Bodyguard)
119                  1:27.17            Gavin Wyatt (Bodyguard)
120                  1:27.17            Sarah Atkins (Star)
133                  1:30.26            Gary Wheaton (Bodyguard)
134                  1:30.27            Anna Smith (Star)
185                  1:57.24            Rebecca Stone (Star) 
197                  2:07.43            Lindsey Qunlan (Star)
198                  2:07.43            Emma Brinklow (Star)
Great turnout at this race and well done to the 'newer' runners.

Honiton Hippo Calf. 6th April.
18/39           14.48              Oscar Smith (Thats a better % finishing position than you mum Oscar!! (Don't tell I said that!))

Taunton Marathon. 6th April.
41/224             3:21.32             Chris Wadey (Top running that man)
59                    3:28.46             Bernard Genge (50th Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!)
60                    3:28.45?           Jeremy Taylor
162                  4:12.03             Paul Fraser (Dug deep and did it)

Taunton Half Marathon. 6th April. Good running conditions.
104/841           1:34.37             Paul Masters
180                  1:40.23             Richard Clifton
181                  1:40.24             Becky Barnacle
532                  2:00.12 pb        Helen Baxter (1st half, any target for next time Helen?)
676                  2:10.19 pb        Julie Bindon (1st half, well done Julie)
806                  2:32.30             Vicky Musselwhite
Mel Boarder - Lived to fight another day :)

Nick Daniels in action again. This time it's: 3  x 5ks, 3 surfaces, 3 counties!
22/3 parkrun taunton 19.14  9/211 2ndv40 M/t Somerset dry,cool,muddy,slight

29/3 parkrun killerton 19.55 21/277 5thv40 xcountry Devon dry,cool,very

3/4 bospool 18.41 (coarse pb) 7/30 3rdv40 road avon (north Somerset now!)
dry cool very windy
Series runner up &first v40 overall, smaller race field usually but
sharp end very sharp with 16 min men turn up on a regular basis - Faaaaantastic result Nick. 2nd in series :)

Yeovil Half Marathon. 30th March. Sunny and a bit warm.
62/818             1:32.18          Paul masters (5th in cat and very close to pb)
219                  1:46.02          Paul Fraser
342                  1:52.44 pb     Gavin Wyatt (5 mins off last year)
422                  1:56.59          Addie Douglas
423                  1:57.00          Andy Mear
709                  2:22.17          Mel Boarder (very close to pb)
741                  2:25.44          Vicky Musclewhite
764                  2:29.19          Gary Wheaton
Only one pb but everyone was pretty close and it was a warm day.

The Dark. 23rd March. 13 mile nightime race near Bodmin Moor.
141/238           2:41.11           Marie Wadey
142                  2:41.11           Chris 'Birthday Boy' Wadey

Peaky Freaky Duathlon. 23rd March. Cycle/run up hil/cycle/run up hill/cycle/run up hill. Details to follow. Needless to say this one sounds like a right killer.
11/61           3:09.35                Wayne Loveridge (3rd in cat)
25                3:25.11                Martin Holley (11th in cat)

London Marathon Long Training Run from South Petherton. Flat 22 mile supported run kindly hosted by Crewkerne Running Club. 23rd March
Well done all those taking part including: Bernard Genge, Nina Wagstaff, Paul Fraser, Rich Cave, Paul Masters, Becky Barnacle, Kate Beaumont, Andrew Clancey, Ian Harris and Richard Clifton.

Take cover, Nick Daniels has been in action:
Weymouth bay 10k mt 16/3/14
11/278      39.37               Nick Daniels

2 650 meter laps of a steep playing field then a 350 climb to the first
mile mark 7m.42 then 5.21 miles of complete flat fast promenade 31.55
out and back of prom part was into a brisk headwind and hundreds of people
on the prom made this more like the hokey cokey than running at times but great
support with virtually every man woman and child giving hi fives the whole
way..............bacon and brie sany sorted the hunger pangs lol..

Butleigh 10k Multiterrain. 16th March.
6/98                45.59            Wayne Loveridge    (Excellent result)
26                   52.50            Martin Holley  (Excellent cakes)
Now I love a good runners excuse for 'not doing as well as I could have' and I don't think Martins result is too bad but he has provided a hat trick of excuses why he could have been faster! 1. Too many Wells City Harriers!  2) A hard weeks training!!  3) Lack of sleep the night before due to his sons party!!!.  Top notch Martin!

Falmouth Half Marathon. 16th March.
78/425            1:36.36          Rich Cave (Good result Rich but pasty's and bubbly also available in supermarkets)

Grizzly Cub. 9th March. 9.8 miles. Like the Grizzly but shorter and without the boggy bits.
4/416              1:05.18           Wayne Loveridge (Another great result and and improvement on last years race)

Grizzly. 9th March. Approx 19.5 miles. Hills, bogs, hills, bogs, beaches, roads, hills, hills etc. Full sun, full fun.
73/1544           2:56.57           Neil Plumridge (3rd in age cat, oldest Chard runner - nuff said!)
108                  3:02.50           Richard 'Heathcliff' Clifton (7th in cat, 1st in wig)
208                  3:17.25           Paul Masters (17th in cat, 2 blisters, good time)
220                  3:19.29           Martin Holley (40th in cat, chuffed)
395                  3:36.09           Jeremy Taylor (cycled down - fool!)
654                  3:53.19           Marie Wadey (16th in cat, 1 small blister)
655                  3:53.23           Chris Wadey (Knew almost every one of this years Grizzly runners....)
764                  4:01.17           Addie Douglas (Good run, big smile, will be back)
765                  4:01.15           Dave Mear (    ?      )
931                  4:14.52           Anna Drew (Did not give up despite a really bad knee)
932                  4:14.54           Paul Fraser (Top support man and crutch)
1112                4:27.11           Gavin Wyatt (No sprint finish from our own Usain?)
1216                4:37.32           Helen Baxter (Did herself proud and the club. MARATHON NEXT HELEN!!!!)

Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon. 3rd March. Windy
4678/6778          2:14.48 pb      Miranda Colberd (First Half :)

Slay the Dragon 10k. 3rd March. multi terrain.
3/73            44.10            Richard Clifton
52               62.04            Helen Baxter (11th/24 women)
66               68.59            Gary Wheaton

Baby Dragon 2k Fun Run.
19/82           7.29            Crocus Douglas (Good result Crocus :) 
20                7.50            Addie Douglas

Combe St Nicholas 10k. 3rd March. on road
2/54             38.58            Wayne Loveridge (so close to that elusive first win!)
9                  43.07            Paul Masters
11                44.26            Nina Wagstaff (2nd Woman)
14                46.50            Paul Fraser
17                47.28            Marie Wadey (1st in cat)
21                48.25            Ian Harris
25                51.20            Anna Drew
45                68.29            Mel B
46                68.32            Sporty Spice
51                82.13            Keith Rendell (The comeback kid!)
52                82.13 pb       Tracie Pulman (First 10k, well done Tracie)
53               100.09 pb      Paige Wells-Burr (First 10k, well done Paige)
54               100.09           Chan Chant

Babcary 7.5 mile road race. 23rd February. Windy.
3/134           44.13            Wayne Loveridge (1st in cat, super fast pace, great result)
7                  48.17            Nick Daniels (3d in cat and good position Nick)

Dalwood Three (& 1/2) Hill Challenge. 23rd February. Horid day and very tough 10 mile course.
67/122        1:45.34           Marie Wadey (3rd in cat)
116             2.08.02           Helen Baxter (Excellent prep for the big one in a couple of weeks, gulp!)

Yeovil Aquathlon. 23rd February. 500m swim, 5k run
1/46           26.32 (7.01/19.09)   Tom Priest   (Great result Tom :)
45              55.23 (15.55/37.25)  Dave Carter (1st Aquathlon. Top marks teach :)

Exeter Half Marathon. 16th February 2014. 3 very dull laps. 1 loo for girls. Thumbs down for this one folks.
48/251           1:34.16           Nina Wagstaff (3rd in cat)
122                1:47.07           Paul Fraser
129                1:48.44           Anna Drew

Frome Damp Dash Aquathlon. Sp[rint 400m swim and 5k run.
5/20               28.30 (7.13/21.17)   Wayne (half man half fish) Loveridge (fastest run)
Also - Tom Priest - 2nd overall in the long version of this.

Taunton Dean Tri. Long Course Relay.
Sarah and Martin Holley 3rd Team and both with improved times from last year. Sarah 15.46, Martin 39.22.
Bern Genge and Lucy? 6th/9 teams  Lucy 17.52  Bernard 41.26

Bospool 5k. Report from Nick Daniels with weather report for each lap!!!
6/2/14 bospool 5k 18.46 (equal coarse pb) 6/25 3 lapper with 9 tight

Lap 1 1 mile 5.48 conditions quieter than sooty whispering
lap 2 1 mile 90 meters 6.31 breezier and rain (usual conditions
lap 3 1 mile 90 meters 6.27 breezy but spared the downpours

lap 4 changing rooms to chipshop about 10 seconds flat lookout usain

Hestercombe Humdinger 9.5 miles. Big hills. 2nd Feb
6/216               1:01.01           Wayne Loveridge (5 mins of last year, good going)
176                  1:32.12           Helen Baxter (1:40.12 last year, stonkingly good inprovement!)
214                  1:52.22           Vicky Musselwhite
215                  1:52.22           Mel Boarder

Blackmore Vale Half Marathon. 2nd February.
47/427             1:29.02            Neil Plumridge
61                    1:31.16            Paul Masters
119                  1:38.04            Rich Cave
188                  1:46.35            Marie Wadey
246                  1:53.05 pb       Addie Douglas (2.5 mins off and not an easy course)
248                  1:53.15 pb       Andy Mear
327                  2:03.09            Claire Gibbs
396                  2:18.26 pb       Kirsti Ball (your first half I think Kirsti?)
397                  2:18.37 pb       Gary Wheaton (also 2.5 mins off)
408                  2:23.04            Helen Sparks

Eton Dorney 10k. 1st February. Round the lake 10k (10.11k and rubbish/expensive hot dogs)
15/270             40.29 pb          Martin Holley (PB, great position and 2nd in cat)

Braunton 10. 26th January. 10 mile road race. A bit windy in places.
30/286             1:08.40            Nick Daniels

Axmouth Challenge. 10 miles up and down, mud etc. 19th January
25/96               1:13.09            Paul Masters (3rd in cat)
64                    1:25.22            Marie Wadey (3rd in cat)
67                    1:26.35            Paul Fraser
80                    1:32.01            Andy Mear
83                    1:32.34            Addie Douglas

Longrun Meadow Parkrun. 5k. 18th January
129/175           32.49             Louis Worth
145                  33.56             Luke Wyatt (1st 5k - well done Luke, keep it going!)
146                  33.57             Marie Wadey (top coach!)               

Heads down, it's a Nick Daniels race report!
Killerton sw xcountry championships 5/1/14 8.9k 40.56 86/136 7thv40
(results show me as a vet 35 lol (representing somerset) 4 laps in unbelievable ground conditions ankle deep mud/water the whole coarse including 3 huge hills almost unrunable at points bizarly had stopped raining in my race just wind and cold to contend with. not last as I had envisioned and some good runners behind me I normally cant catch (Kerry Roberts+ danny doyle+mike mountain tri master) 4/5 good runners pulled out in the first 2 laps with others abandoning at various
points....I know now why I have not run xcountry for 26 years

Chard Flyer. 10k. 1st Jan
Full results on separate tab

Exeter First Chance 10k. 5th Jan. Flat course, sometimes windy.
334/465          55.11          Helen Baxter (must have been something you ate!)